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Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in muscle tissue. The muscles in our body produce it. You can also find glutamine in many foods containing protein such as red meat, fish, and dairy products.

Glutamine has also been shown to:

• Improve Mental Focus
• Stimulate Growth Hormone in our Bodies
• Boost the Immune System
• Prevent Muscles from going Catabolic

Glutamine is used primarily to avoid the muscle from going catabolic. This is where the body breaks down its own muscle tissue due to high stress or activity levels. Athletes use glutamine to help them increase lean muscle mass but most of all to help them maintain their muscle mass during intense training. Glutamine is a supplement that should be in the cabinet of any athlete who is serious about their training and goals.

The best way to use glutamine is to consume a total of 5-10 grams two times a day, preferable after your workout and before bed (3-5gms after workout and 3-5gms before bed). You may also increase the absorption of glutamine into the system by combining your glutamine with a drink containing simple sugars such as grape juice or orange juice. This will help transport the glutamine into the muscle cells for faster recovery.

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