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Guarana is an herb, which is found in a climbing evergreen vine in the Amazon rainforest and is grown in Brazil. Guarana is an herbal form of caffeine that when used, is known to help:

• Lose Weight
• Lose Excess Water
• Reduce Fatigue and Headaches
• Increases Energy Levels for a Short Time.

Guarana helps us with weight loss by increasing our metabolism. This will make our bodies use more fat for energy and will also suppress our appetite. It will also help you eliminate excess water from beneath your skin to give you a more defined and hard look. For this reason, you will see guarana in many fat loss or diuretic supplements on the market today and is usually used with Ma Huang (Ephedra) and willow bark as a strong thermogenic stack. Guarana can help fight fatigue by stimulating the cardiovascular and central nervous systems which will help us gain more energy and can reduce headaches by reducing blood-vessel dilation and inflammation.

Guarana can be used in several ways such as pills, capsules, or drank as a tea; it is best consumed before workouts, strenuous activity, or in times of fatigue. If you prefer to take guarana by pill or capsule, you should use 500-1000mg up to 3 times per day. You may want to start out slower than that at first though because everyone reacts differently to stimulants. If using as a tea, you can use 1 to 2 grams of crushed guarana seeds in a cup of water and boil for ten minutes. This will contain about 50mg of caffeine.

There are not many concerns with the use of caffeine, but you should be careful of how much you consume. If you are using any medications, are pregnant, or are lactating, you should consult your doctor first before putting caffeine in your diet.


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