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Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle comes from a plant grown wild throughout North America, Europe, and Australia. For thousands of years, Milk Thistle has been used as a remedy for alleviating liver problems. The plant contains silymarin, the active ingredient in the fruit of the plant which is extracted for use.

This liver-protecting substance can stimulate new growth of liver cells and replace damaged cells, while preventing further damage of the liver to occur.

Everything the body consumes through the mouth is filtered through the liver. In order for the body to maintain normal liver function, Milk Thistle can reduce the side effects of some drugs that may cause potential liver damage. For instance, individuals taking numerous amounts of medications would want to take Milk Thistle to help protect the liver.

Pregnant women can safely take Milk Thistle and it is also commonly used to increase breast-milk production. This drug can also be used to help relieve stomach discomfort, loss of appetite, and help common skin conditions related to poor liver function by detoxing or cleansing the system.

Milk Thistle should be taken in dosages of 175 - 350mg one or two times daily after meals.

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