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DECEMBER 27, 2007

MLB superstar hires team to clear his name

New Jersey, in addition to being one of the top 5 states in the nation for illegal steroid use, is also the number one state for diners both per capita as well as per square mile. If you’re from New Jersey you’ve spent more times eating at diners than you have likely spent in any other type of eating establishment.

If you live outside of New Jersey, you may think that Denny’s and/or IHOP are diners. You’d be wrong. You need to do much more than serve breakfast 24/7 to qualify as a diner – although in truth, most of the time people do actually order breakfast at diners- even in New Jersey. And of course, the breakfast they serve at a diner in New Jersey is always good. Yes, always.

So when I travel, or live outside of New Jersey, I’m always sensitive to breakfast. When I lived in Maryland the only thing they got right at breakfast-time was the grits, when I lived on Long Island breakfast was always done right, and although I’m not used to breakfast tacos yet,  the breakfast where I now live (Houston, TX) is very good. The breakfast in New Zealand was okay, and in Florida (where I am currently on vacation), the breakfast isn’t very good at all – which is surprising since judging from the average age here, any given meal could be the last for roughly half the state.

Currently, though, I’m very interested in the eating habits of Mr. Roger Clemens. I don’t know what he usually has for his first meal of the day, but if my sources are correct, he’s about to have Brian McNamee for breakfast with a side order of Kirt Radomski. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he has the entire Mitchell Report for breakfast, actually…and leaves none of it on his plate.

What people have read about in the papers is that Clemens has hired a legal team to investigate the Mitchell Report. What they haven’t read about (and what my sources are telling me) is that he’s also hired a top-notch private investigator to the tune of $75k, and that a smear campaign against McNamee and Radomski is about to begin. Their entire professional, personal, and private lives are being looked into, and when all is said and done, Clemens is going to have enough dirt on them to supply his own personal pitchers mound to the Yankees. It’s not far-fetched to say that we’ll even see charges filed and an arrest or two shortly – I’m thinking primarily of McNamee here, who I suspect will be arrested (or at least charged) shortly due to legal pressure coming from Clemens’ camp.

Don’t believe me?

Sometimes I don’t know what to believe either. My sources on this one are pretty good though, and I’m being led to believe that we’ll soon be seeing a nationwide smear campaign against the whilstleblowers in the Mitchell Report. It’s a very common legal tactic – discrediting the witness, which serves the dual purpose of making the witnesses’ testimony seem less than credible as well as making jurors forget who is actually on trial here.

Make no mistake about it, neither Radomski nor McNamee are going to seem very credible after Clemens’ team is through with them. I suspect that along with direct statements to the media, there will be other stories leaked to them through indirect channels and means.

Radomski, according to people I know (mutual acquaintances) is for the most part, an old-school guy and mostly a standup individual. He talked, but I’m not 100% sure that what he did can be totally called “snitching”. He certainly dropped dime on people, but he did so on a bunch of millionaires who will not be prosecuted. He knew that going into this, and he faced serious prison time – unless he narked out a bunch of guys who were not going to serve a single day. Seems like a no brainer to me. He saved himself prison time by giving up names of guys who will not even be prosecuted. Is that really snitching? I don’t know.

For Radomski, this was not the first time he’s had more than a casual brush with the law, and I’m sure much will be made of that in the coming weeks – I forsee him being painted as a bit of a loser (a batboy in his 40’s?), a past criminal, and a liar who is trying to get out of a prison sentence.

With regards to Brian McNamee, I forsee criminal charges being filed and him getting arrested/charged some time in the next few months (actually, I predict next week or so, if we’re going to take bets). Until now, his police disciplinary record (he was a police officer) has remained off-limits to the press – despite the fact that it should be available in accordance with the Freedom of Information act. I do know that he received a 30 day suspension from the force once, and that he joined shortly after playing baseball at St.John’s – and didn’t remain on the police force for very long.

If I had to guess, Clemens’ lawyers have already filed suits (or intend to do so) making McNamee’s police history available to them, and probably already have Radomski’s in their possession. In fact, they are probably preparing a Mitchell Report length dossier on both men. Need I remind you that Clemens has the cash to bankroll this kind of thing, and that the government is not going to protect these men from such a media blitz…other than writing a book about their involvement in baseball and steroids, I can’t see how either will ever work again, in any field.

One thing is for sure – it’s time to eat, Clemens looks hungry, and both Radomski and McNamee are on the menu.



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