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An MRP is also known as a meal replacement. An MRP is for exactly what it sounds; it is used to replace a meal. Meal replacements are designed to give the proper amount of calories, amino acids, proteins, carbohydrate, etc; without most of the “bad” stuff we find in many quick meals. MRP’s are made to be very convenient and fast and are found in a variety of ways. You can find meal replacement in:

• Powders
• Bars
• Pre-Made Drinks
• Or Even Pastes

In most cases the powder MRPs have the best nutritional profile. They are often higher in protein (30 – 50 grams), lower in carbohydrates (especially sugar), and have about 50% of your daily vitamins in them. MRP bars are usually lower in protein (13 – 30 grams) and higher in carbohydrates and sugar. Pre-Made Drink MRPs are available a variety of different ways. Some are designed to be low carb and others are higher in sugar. You will often find anywhere from 20 – 35 grams of protein per drink.

MRP’s are used by athletes to help achieve their nutrition and muscle building goals by allowing the person the opportunity to eat a good healthy meal, usually in between meals to help:

• Fight Hunger
• Boost Energy Levels
• Nourish the Body for Muscle Growth

Research shows that eating a balanced diet six times a day throughout the day will boost metabolism (to help lose body fat) and feed our muscles (to grow bigger and stronger). Eating six or seven times a day can be very time consuming and even unpractical for most people who have full-time jobs or who are busy during the day. Meal replacements for that reason are ideal.

MRP’s are not intended solely for weight loss. They are to be used with solid meals throughout the day to help you achieve your nutritional goals and should be used as your only source of nutrition.

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