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A synthesis of Anavar and Trenbolone…is it possible?


DECEMBER 3, 2007

I’m going to let you in on a HUGE secret, ok? But you have to promise that if you keep reading, you’ll read the whole article, alright?

There’s a new steroid on the black market. It’s a synthesis of Trenbolone and Anavar, made into an injectable form.
And no, I’m not kidding.

If you look at the picture above, you’ll see that this steroid is structurally a 19-nor based compound, which has the additional c9 and c11 alterations that make simple nor-testosterone into trenbolone. The c9 bond prevents aromatization (conversion into estrogen) and the structure would also seem to indicate that it will be resistant to conversion into a 5a-reduced form as well. You will also note that it’s got an acetate ester attached, so while it’s technically able to be orally ingested (like Primobolan tabs, which also have an acetate ester), you should still be injecting it for best results.

Alright…so now you see how it’s similar to Tren, let’s talk about it’s similarities to Anavar. Basically anavar is DHT, which has been made orally available by 17a-alkylation and an added oxygen at the c2 position. This new drug has an ester, so of course the 17aa modification is not necessary, but the oxygen at c2 is there. This c2 modification gives anavar a very high anabolic rating. SO how do these drugs combine, and what is produced when you mix anavar and trenbolone?

It’s got the strong androgen receptor binding of Trenbolone (which anavar lacks) and it’s got the benefit of anavar’s huge anabolic capabilities. Although the anabolic /androgenic ratio is very low (nearly 1:1), it’s got a huge score for both (like tren, but even more anabolic), this stuff is basically like taking a ton of tren with a ton of anavar, and with none of the drawbacks of either…

I can’t say enough about this stuff…honestly, it seems more anabolic than Tren, by about 50% on a mg for mg basis. Imagine anavar that binds to the receptor as strongly as tren, and still doesn’t convert to estrogen or DHT! I’ll go out on a limb here and say this is the ultimate cutting drug…nothing else even comes close. Chemically, it’s known as 2-oxa-17beta-acetoxy-estra-4,9,11-trien-3-one.

Is your mouth watering yet? Well, that’s too bad…because I’m lying. I didn’t make the steroid up (it’s real, and you can find it in books and some research)…but it’s not available on the black market. Nobody makes it, I haven’t used it, and nobody ever has. The part in italics, in the beginning, is totally made up, even though this steroid is on the books, and technically could be made at some point in the future.

So why did I lie to you?

To prove a point.

This is how magazines and their “steroid experts” do it, all the time. They tell you some garbage lie about some steroid that technically “exists” but has never even been on the market. They brag about their black market connections and how in tune with the underground scene they are, and how they know about this hot new drug. Now you, the reader, thinks that the author is really credible and “in the know”…and it makes everyone look good and “cutting edge”…

The problem is that this drug doesn’t exist. But then, some enterprising Underground Labs find a way to source it, and it appears…and then the magazine’s readers start seeing it available, and they think the magazine is ahead of its time. Hell, in my first book, I said Bolasterone (Myagen) would be a great UG product…and then it appeared within a year of my saying that, on the market. But I certainly didn’t “know” about it before it hit the market…I just predicted that it would. So will the drug I’m talking about right now…all of the amazing things I said about this drug (Rob-bolone?) is true…except that it’s available now, or has been in the past- that’s a total lie. And magazines do that stuff to their readers all the time.

You, the readers, have been lied to by magazines for years. Sometimes it’s a new steroid, a new peptide, or a new nutritional compound (which the magazine’s owners have a stake in)…and then it appears on the market. It’s all garbage.

You’re being lied to by “experts” every day in magazines…this is simply one way it’s being done.

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