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JANUARY 14, 2008

Anabolic steroids being used by actors, entertainers...

Newsflash – People other than athletes use anabolic steroids!

Whoa! Stop the presses! This just in! Athletes aren’t the only people who use anabolic steroids!

Ok…admittedly, I’m being overly dramatic. And using too many exclamation points! But I think you get my point. Those chiseled bodies that we’re entertained by -50 Cent, Timbaland, Mary J. Blige, Justin Timberlake* etc…are all suspected of using anabolic steroids – or at least their names were on prescription lists from Signature Pharmacy. Even Tyler Perry, the actor, was on that list…and many more would probably fail if there were a screen actors guild drug test clause (although, they’d probably fail for literally every drug known to man too).

* Ok, maybe not Justin Timberlake.

And less than a year ago, several gossip magazines reported that there were quite a few Hollywood types (from starlets to heiresses to singers) using clenbuterol to slim down. I even did an interview on it for some magazine or another. Of course, nobody wants to be known as having an unfair advantage over their competition….even if it doesn’t involve “cheating” as we usually think about it.

A spokeswoman for Ms. Blige, Karynne Tencer, issued the following statement to the media: “Mary J. Blige has never taken any performance-enhancing illegal steroids.” Ms. Tencer also stated that Ms. Blige had not taken any antiaging steroids either. 50 cent issued the following statement, as well: “Yeah and it don't stop, I do a 187 on yo' motherf**kin block Yeah and it don't quit, It's G-Unit in yo' motherf**kin' ass b*tch”

Wyclef Jean and Tyler Perry were named also, though- for real...and neither has issued any comments to the media. Honestly, I don’t see the kinds of physiques that would necessitate steroid use on any of them (except for 50 cent, obviously), but that just gives me more reason to think that people (yes, even entertainers) are simply using anabolic steroids to feel better and younger.

That’s why I use them. In fact, that’s why many people in this country use them.

But the other people are/were probably suspected of using anabolic steroids, or at least getting ‘scripts for them. And this is pretty big news today- although here on, most of the members weren’t surprised. In fact, people had debated on for the past couple of years whether 50 (pronounced: Fitty, or Fiddy – or you will lose a substantial amount of street cred) had been using steroids. The consensus on is that he (and many other stars of the silver screen and entertainment industry) has obviously been using anabolic steroids for years.

But now it’s big news to everyone who is outside of our little subculture…even to those on the fringes of it…we can spot a steroid user from a mile away – and let’s be honest, we spotted 50 cent from about 10 miles away.

I’m going to avoid the very obvious fact that athletes are not paid for their ability to perform athletic feats per se, and rather for their values as entertainers – and just focus on the idea of “pure” entertainers (singers, rappers, actors, etc…) and their steroid use.

These guys and gals are on the road for half the year (or more), and they’re expected to keep their bodies looking in peak shape – why is the general public surprised that many of them have turned to using anabolic steroids? Doesn’t it seem like a pretty good idea, when you’re expected to handle the rigors of life on the road, the stress of performing, and on top of all of that, you need to look like you’re always in great shape?

I just laugh thinking that everyone didn’t already know that this was going on…

In a way, I almost wish that steroids remained the secret of “those in the know” in the entertainment and sports industry…because with widespread attention comes – at least at first – misunderstanding and condemnation. This is unfortunate, but it happens in almost every field ranging from weight training to religion to architecture.

The only question that keeps repeating itself in my mind is with all of the articles about athletes (and now entertainers) using anabolic steroids is why hasn’t the media at large done any substantial informative pieces on the topic? Why not explain, realistically, what steroids can and cannot do – and what the real risks actually are (and are not)?

I know that it wouldn’t be front-page news, but surely a blurb dispelling fact from fantasy is warranted now that steroids are in the news every day.



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