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Andractim (Topical Dihydrotestosterone)

Although Andractim DHT is much more potent than testosterone, in terms of both anabolic and androgenic effects, it has several possible nasty side effects, and several problems inherent with the form of administration (topical) as well as a couple of possible advantages due to those same factors.

First, a brief discussion of Andractim DHT is probably in order, so bear with me.

For starters, pure Andractim DHT is a very poor choice for anabolism of any sort. I know we can all look at the anabolic/androgenic rating of it and say that its a very good anabolic steroid, but in actuality, what happens to DHT in the body is far different than what wed want& .but first Ill give you the good news about it.

Andractim DHT is a non-aromatizing androgen, which as you know, means it doesnt convert to estrogen at all. This is important because estrogen is suppressive of LH production (1), which is of course going to be an aggravating factor in lowering your endogenous testosterone production. Andractim DHT, in addition to not converting to that nasty test-suppressive-estrogen, will not inhibit LH production or testosterone production (1) (2) (3). Andractim DHT may even have a suppressive effect on estrogen, in some cases. This would certainly account for its ability to actually have a positive effect (again, in some cases) on LH and testosterone.

This is all very good news, but unfortunately, theres a catch. Your body reduces DHT to inactive metabolites by way of the 3-alpha-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase enzyme before alot of it can reach the androgen receptors in skeletal tissue. This means while it reaches your scalp and prostate relatively intact, it doesnt make it to your muscles that way. This is why we see so many different alterations of DHT available on the market, from Anadrol 50 to Anavar, with so many different uses. Andractim has the most unique use, though, I think.

Andractim has been used with some success to reduce gyno in males. Its possible that a lowering of circulating DHT-levels can cause Gyno (5)(6), and certainly androgen therapy with DHT derivatives has been found useful for treatment of gyno... so its very logical that a topical DHT would be a good bet for Anabolic/Androgenic Steroid induced Gyno. Heres the creepy part:

Youll need to rub it on your nipples several times per day.

Obviously this is problematic for someone with a job, who cant be going to the restroom and rubbing their nipples a couple of times every day. Unless rubbing your nipples is part of your job, anyway..

Andractim Testosterone Gel

Andractim testosterone gel is a topical gel, which comes in a tube, containing 80x 25mg doses of DHT. Absorption rate is going to be similar to testosterone gel, or roughly 10%, so youre applying 2.5mgs of pure DHT to your nips every time you use this stuff. Id say you want to be doing this 2x per day with an equal amount per nipple, using 25-5 mgs of gel each time.


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