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Of all thyroid hormones, without question more athletes buy Cytomel (T3) than any other. It is also an excellent medication for the treatment of hypothyroidism; however, in the U.S. Synthroid (T4) is used far more commonly despite it being the weaker of the two thyroid hormones. Athletes will also use Synthroid from time to time, but more will buy Cytomel for athletic enhancement due to its superb effectiveness. If you decide to buy Cytomel, the good news is it’s widely available, very affordable and can be found through numerous outlets. Counterfeits are possible, but they are extremely rare. Finding legitimate T3 should not be difficult.

Buy Cytomel or Synthroid?

A common question many ask is should they buy Cytomel or Synthroid? In athletic circles, thyroid hormones are primarily used to enhance fat loss; they are commonly used by bodybuilders and other physique minded individuals. Some will also use such hormones in low doses in an effort to maintain proper thyroid levels as the use of compounds like Human Growth Hormone (HGH), especially in high doses, can lower levels. For the purpose of performance enhancement, without question you should buy Cytomel. For this purpose, you are only concerned with enhancing T3 levels. If you buy Synthroid, while it will work it will not be as effective as it first must convert from T4 to T3 to serve its purpose. It only makes sense to start with the hormone you need, which is T3.

Buy Cytomel Tablets:

You can buy Cytomel tablets from numerous sources including most pharmacies, the majority of online anabolic steroid suppliers as well as online pharmacies outside of anabolic steroids. In the U.S. you will need a prescription in order to buy Cytomel at the pharmacy, but the law can vary greatly depending on the country in question. It can be purchased over the counter in many parts of the world. You will also find injectable T3 is available but not as common and should only be used medicinally in emergency situations. Injectable Cytomel is rarely found on the black market and cannot be recommended on the basis of performance as it can be extremely dangerous. If you’re going to buy Cytomel you need to stick with oral forms.

Buy Cytomel Liquid:

You can buy Cytomel from numerous research chemical labs (RCL’s) across the globe. RCL’s manufacture the hormone in an oral liquid form you simply drink; it is identical to T3 tablets with the exception being a liquid rather than tablet state. In the U.S. you will not need a prescription to buy Cytomel from an RCL due to a gray area of the law. RCL’s are able to manufacture such compounds legally so as long as it’s done for research purposes and such products can legally be purchased so as long as it’s for research purposes. This is a loophole in the law to say the least, and while many take advantage of it there is a risk involved. If law enforcement wanted to make an issue out of such a purchase, it would be up to you to prove the research claim, which can be extremely difficult. If you buy Cytomel from an RCL, and it will almost always be listed and labeled by its chemical name Liothyronine Sodium, there are also quality issues you need to be aware of. Some RCL’s do a poor job in manufacturing as the compounds often lose potency very fast due to their unstable nature. This should not present any danger, but it can be annoying if you make a purchase and receive an inferior product. There are some great RCL’s on the market, but you need to make sure you research them thoroughly before making a purchase and fully understand the law before any such purchase is made.

Buy Cytomel Legally:

In the United States, in order to buy Cytomel legally you will need a prescription. This is not a controlled substance but it still falls under the prescription only category. If you buy Cytomel in the U.S. without a prescription, with the exception of an RCL purchase you will be breaking the law. As for the RCL purchase, once again this is a very gray area of the law and extreme caution is advised before such a purchase is made. Outside the U.S. the laws revolving around this hormone can vary greatly. Many countries will require prescriptions but they are very easy to get. Many will also sell the compound over the counter and legally so as long as the purchase is made at the pharmacy. The law truly can vary greatly depending on the country in question. Because of this variance factor, before you buy Cytomel it is imperative you understand the law of the country in question before any purchase is made.

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