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IGF 1 is a peptide similar to insulin in structure and nature although possessing many of its own unique traits and functions. It is a highly anabolic hormone and this is precisely why so many buy IGF 1, for its anabolic effects. Further, as this powerful hormone has a direct correlating affect with Human Growth Hormone, a very powerful hormone in its own right, we can begin to understand how powerful it is and why so many desire to buy IGF 1. While this hormone, like HGH and testosterone is naturally produced in the body, the more you produce the greater the benefit will be and that is precisely why anyone would buy IGF 1, to enhance the benefits it can provide as we will discuss.

Buy IGF 1 & Grow:

When you buy IGF 1 you will find you have purchased a peptide that promotes muscle growth quite dramatically. Largely, this enhanced growth is brought on by the hormones ability to promote increases in protein synthesis and increases in nitrogen retention in the muscles. Further, while many hormones possess these same traits in-which they make the muscle larger, IGF 1 takes it a step further. While anabolic steroids will increase the size and power of your already existing muscle tissue, those who buy IGF 1 will find it actually creates new muscle fibers thereby giving you more muscle tissue than youve ever had before. Now, imagine if youre using this powerful hormone with anabolic steroids, as most do, then you can begin to see how much you could truly grow.

Buy IGF 1 & HGH:

Those who buy IGF 1 will often buy HGH as well, as these two peptide hormones go hand-in-hand. When we train/exercise the body releases massive amounts of both hormones, which in-turn leads to muscle being built. In the body, it is actually the growth hormone that is released that determines the amount of IGF 1 that will be released. So if you were only going to buy one of these hormones you would necessarily go with HGH but if you buy IGF 1 as well you will see benefits impossible without this potent combination.

Beyond Growth:

Like HGH, those who buy IGF 1 will increase their fat burning abilities; IGF 1 has been shown to greatly increase fat metabolism in the body. This is good news, not only for the dieting athlete but the growing athlete as well. When trying to grow you necessarily must eat an abundant amount of food; of course the total amount will vary from person to person. However, to grow, some body fat accumulation will occur but we can begin to minimize it tremendously when we buy IGF 1 and make it part of our stack. A stack of IGF 1, HGH and anabolic steroids will produce a machine that is not only apt for massive gains but that can do so with minimal body fat gain.

Buy IGF 1 Legitimately:

Depending on where you live the laws revolving around performance enhancing hormones will vary a great deal and it is important you understand these laws as they pertain to you. By understanding you can avoid poor choices that can lead to serious consequences not only to your health but your legal health as well. A good place to start is by visiting the banner up above as you will find a host of safe and legal anabolics to buy; did we mention legal?

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