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Halotestin Doses

Halotestin doses can vary greatly, but we will find there is absolutely a maximum dose that must not be passed if safety is going to be maintained. When planning your Halotestin doses, beyond the actual dose we will also find the total time frame of use is something we must also consider. Many steroids can be used for long periods of time, but Halotestin is not one of them. And while many steroids carry a broad range in regards to the possible time frame, even if the total time frame is fairly short, we will once again find Halo is not one of them. Regardless of your Halotestin doses, due to this steroids hepatotoxicity and pronounced negative affect it can have on cholesterol we will find there is very little room for options.

Base Halotestin Doses:

Base Halotestin doses will normally fall in the 10-20mg per day range. 10mg per day will produce noticeable and powerful results, but most men will find 20mg per day to be far more desirable. Although we cannot call this a safe anabolic steroid, Halotestin doses in the 10-20mg range will be the safest.

Higher Halotestin Doses:

Higher Halotestin doses can be used if the individual has used the steroid before and enjoyed a positive response from base Halotestin doses. If this is your first attempt with this compound high Halotestin doses should not be attempted. High Halotestin doses will fall in the 30-40mg per day range. Such doses will greatly increase the risk associated with use, especially as it pertains to liver stress. It is possible to supplement within this range without damage, but such doses should not be used unless needed.

Important note – Halotestin doses above 40mg per day will be extremely dangerous and will greatly stress the liver. Liver damage will be an extreme risk if Halotestin doses surpass the 40mg per day mark.

Halotestin Doses – Duration of Use:

Regardless of the Halotestin doses in question 2-4 weeks of total use will be the set time frame. Two weeks is often enough and will produce the desired results. Four weeks can be attempted, but it will increase the associated risk. If four weeks is attempted, if the individual’s Halotestin doses are reaching the 40mg per day range, it is recommended that it only do so for two weeks. In such cases, 20mg per day for two weeks followed by 40mg per day for two weeks could be an option. It is possible to run high Halotestin doses for a full four weeks without severe damage, but the severe stress this will cause to the liver can make it difficult.

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