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Metandesenolone (D-anabol 25)

*Not an Anabolic Steroid - This is a Popular Non Steroidal Anabolic Supplement

Oral Anabolic Profile

Metandesenolone has become known as a very strong anabolic supplement with moderate to zero androgenic effects. It can help the most seasoned athlete make dramatic size and strength gains, over and over again each time its cycled. When you take this product you can really feel that its in your system. Metandesenolone was designed to help users have increased aggression, more endurance, huge muscle pumps, and an increase in appetite, all of which leads to massive muscle growth. It continues to be one of the most popular products of all time. Its the product that every other product is designed to be like but never is! No other product ever compares to the mass and size gains that can come when taking it. Bar none, Metandesenolone is the KING of mass agents.


Start low with one serving a day and work up from there. Many users find they get great results from doses because its just that strong of a product. Huge gains have been reported with only 3 pills per day, which is the manufacturer recommended dose.

Side Effects:

Metandesenolone is a very potent product and can come with some intense side effects as well. Increased aggression is common but many consider it beneficial to take their aggression out on the weights. Other typical testosterone related sides are possible but usually only become a problem when its used for long periods of time without sufficient off-cycles. No liver toxicity has been reported.


Metandesenolone is an extremely popular product so that in turn raises the possibility for counterfeiters. D-Anabol 25 is the safest buy. Watch for the holographic stamp on the label to ensure you have real D-Anabol 25.

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