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Nandeconate (Deca 200)

*Not an Anabolic Steroid - This is a Popular Non Steroidal Anabolic Supplement

Oral Anabolic Profile

(Deca 200)

Nandeconate is the compound of choice for many bodybuilders because it reportedly gives you the best benefit to side effect ratio of any other product. Its a very strong anabolic agent with low androgenic effects. It was designed to help increase nitrogen retention as well as help improve recovery time. This results in excellent size and strength development that is good for both bulking and cutting cycles. Its versatility is unmatched and is a good base anabolic meaning it can be stacked with virtually any other drug or supplement with low chance of negative interactions.


Nandeconate should be used only under the supervision of a doctor or other medical authority. Typical dose is 3 pills per day. It is best utilized on an empty stomach however can be taken with food. This is a very fast acting anabolic and therefore is in and out of your system quickly. With that said, it is probably best to split it up into even doses throughout the day as to keep the product active in your system as much as possible.

Side Effects:

As stated above, the benefit to side effect ratio with Nandeconate is as good as it gets with any other drug or supplement. Side effects can include aggressiveness, restlessness, and mood swings. Androgenic side effects such as accelerated hair loss and oily skin are essentially non-existent.


There have been some reported but none physically confirmed. Real Nandeconate is in Deca 200 produced by Anabolic Research LLC and can be found at for around $80. Furthermore, each bottle of Deca 200 has a holographic logo applied to the label to ensure its authenticity.

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