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Orabolin (Ethylestrenol)

What we'e looking at with Orabolin is yet another steroid that has been off the market for so long that I haven't been able to actually find someone who's used it. Orabolin is a 19Nor-steroid, meaning it's been derived from nandrolone. We know that 19nor compounds all bind well to the androgen receptor, and that this is part of the reason that Orabolin imparts such a strong anabolic effect. Orabolin has very good androgen binding properties, giving it good enough anabolic effect, but is actually androgenically reduced in androgen responsive tissues like prostate and skin. There are few actual studies that really examine this compound in any depth, and basically the ones I've read actually seem to suggest that ethylestronol simply exerts it's anabolic effect by making a 3-keto group and essentially converting to norethandrolone (1). I think this is why Orabolin has such a distressingly broad anabolic/androgenic range. There is also a 17-alpha-ethyl group to contend with, and that gives this compound a degree of hepatoxicity that makes the cost/benefit ratio very poor for athletes, and thus it's rarely found on the black market. The weirdest thing about Orabolin is that it comes as some kind of bizarre paste for oral administration I really don't know why this stuff was ever brought to the market, but the fact that it comes as an oral paste is just very bizarre.
Heres how ethylestranol is metabolized in your body:

Orabolin Profile


Molecular Weight:288.46
Melting Point: 76-78C
Manufacturer: Various, discontinued
Effective Dose (Men): 40mgs(?)
Effective Dose (Women): 10mgs(?)
Active life: 8-12 hours
Detection Time: 6 weeks
Anabolic/Androgenic ratio (range):20-400:200-400


1. Metabolism of anabolic steroid drugs in man and the marmoset monkey (Callithrix jacchus)--I. Nilevar and Orabolin. J Steroid Biochem. 1977 Oct;8(10):1057-63.


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