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For any athlete who using performance enhancing drugs steroid testing is always of high concern. In most all sporting arenas the use of anabolic steroids is prohibited and is deemed cheating if you are caught with the substances in your system. While steroid testing remains a concern for many athletes, performing at the highest level possible is generally a concern of greater importance for many; after all, the greater the performance the greater the reward. Make no mistake, steroid use is not rare in sports, especially in professional sports. While the media frenzy often paints offenders as rebels or a rare breed the truth is they are simply the ones who were caught. We can say with absolute certainty steroid use among athletes of all levels, even professionally is very high; so high that for most of you it would blow your mind.

Steroid Testing The Process:

There are a few ways steroid testing can be applied. While urine samples are the most common form of testing hair follicle test may also be used. In most cases a urine test will be applied and the individuals testosterone levels will be checked. If they are higher than what is considered normal then the individual fails the test; a very simple process really but even so, countless people beat the test every day.

Beat Steroid Testing:

If you are one who participates in any sport where steroid use is prohibited and you know you will be tested, in most cases the test can be beat and in the end, in most cases if you fail the test youre pretty much an idiot. While we can make exceptions this is generally true. There are a few things of great importance you need to understand if you need to beat steroid testing and they include:

  • Understanding Anabolic Steroid Half-Lives
  • Understanding Testosterone Ratios
  • Understanding Drug Detection Times

If you understand these three things, and its not hard, it will simply take a little reading on your part, you can effectively destroy any test you may be given.

The Steroid Testing Killer Epitestosterone:

For decades the German Olympic Teams were some of the heaviest using steroid athletes of all time. They simply took a very simple principle and applied it perfectly to their athletes. The process was simple and effective. Their athletes were given the anabolic steroid testosterone and while this caused their testosterone levels to be higher than what is acceptable they understood a simple fact. Often testosterone levels are measured against Epitestosterone levels and if the pure testosterone level is greater than 6:1 Test:Epi the athlete fails. So what did the Germans do? They simply administered Epitestosterone to their athletes in order to keep the Test:Epi levels at an acceptable range. If there were ever masters at beating steroid testing it was the Germans; that is until the king came along.

BALCO Steroid Testing Unbeatable:

If you are an athlete or someone who keeps up with sports at any level youve heard of BALCO and the scandal that surrounded. The Bay Area Laboratory Cooperative BALCO in the simplest of terms took what the Germans used to do and absolutely perfected it. While numerous performance enhancing drugs were administered to athletes by BALCO, including the largely undetectable peptide Human Growth Hormone it was The Cream a transdermal testosterone that took the all-time prize as the greatest steroid testing basher of the ages. Comprised of a mixture of approximately 50% testosterone and 50% epitestosterone this drug was absolutely undetectable; no matter how many test applied the athlete would pass every single time. While this steroid cream was not the strongest by any means it was enough to add a boost and by its undetectable nature it was a favorite of many athletes.

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