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For the individual who has never supplemented with anabolic steroids there is always a bit of a mythical thought process that takes place; after all, you don’t know what to expect and based on what you’ve heard it can cause your mind to run wild. Often and quite commonly is the thought of steroids before and after; you see yourself as you are now, you imagine the anabolic advantage being added in and before your vision you see a massive pile of ripped to the bone muscle. In most cases this vision will be far from reality as the reality of steroids before and after is often far from the imagination of the rookie and largely from the imagination of popular culture and society. The truth is really simple; when it comes to anabolic steroids many do not know what they’re doing and this is especially true for the first time user. You can go to any gym and most have heard it a thousand times “If I took steroids do you realize how big I’d be?” The steroids before and after imaging in this individuals head is so misplaced it’s laughable but most truly believe if they ever supplement they will gain 20-50lbs of pure muscle. Even some veteran users have this delusion as many do not understand what true weight is.

Steroids Before and After – Bulking

If you’ve spent any time in the gym, regardless of how hard you’ve worked or how great the gains you’ve made have been inevitably you will always want more; it’s simply human nature. There are some who reach a certain level and they may be fairly satisfied but you’ll rarely if ever find anyone who will even begin to claim with a serious tone that they’ve reached perfection in their desired pursuit. As an individual who finds himself a part of the muscle game for whatever reason the bulking phase or as it is known in competitive bodybuilding “off-season” is the point in-which mass and strength are obtained. With the introduction of steroids before and after the results will most assuredly be nothing short of mind-blowing, especially your first time through. While you may have spent years adding ten pounds of pure lean tissue to your frame naturally, with the use of anabolic steroids you may very well find ten new lean pounds of tissue on your frame in a fraction of the time.

Through the use of steroids during the bulking phase it is very easy to pile on massive amounts of weight; a gain of 20-30 or even 40 pounds is not unheard of but it is important to note as powerful as steroids are more than likely the full brunt of the gain is not muscle tissue; just because you gained 40 pounds of weight does not mean you gained 40 pounds of muscle. When you are bulking, with or without anabolic assistance some fat gain is inevitable as is a fair amount of water weight; the laws of the universe do not change simply because you are supplementing with anabolic steroids. Nevertheless, make no mistakes, with the use of steroids before and after will take on a new meaning in your bulking season quite unlike it ever has before.

Steroids Before and After – Cutting

For any athlete when he attempts to drop weight he will inevitably lose some muscle tissue; the point of a good diet is to lose as much body-fat as possible while maintaining as much lean tissue as possible but some tissue loss will occur. For anyone who has never supplemented with anabolic steroids this can be a very frustrating reality; you’ve put the time in to gain the size and now you want to turn this physique into a ripped machine but in the process you lose many of your hard earned gains. As you progress you’ll more than likely pick up new and better tricks, you’ll find things that work better for you and allow you to preserve more muscle but you’ll find in most cases you’re still losing quite a bit. Again, enter the world of steroids before and after and when it’s time to diet you’ll find the steroids before and after effect to give “dieting” a whole new meaning.

With the use of anabolic steroids while dieting we are finally able to hang onto a large portion of the muscle mass gained in our off-season period of training. Sure, some of it will still be lost when the diet reaches a certain level of intensity and it must necessarily reach this level if we are to truly lean out but the difference in muscle loss versus muscle kept will be nothing short of miraculous. With them in play, steroids before and after a diet will give one a leaner more muscular physique, one that has held onto much of its strength even after losing so much weight; one that is harder to the touch, harder in appearance, more vascular and more pleasing towards the desired purpose.


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