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Purchase Clomid

Many performance enhancing athletes purchase Clomid on a frequent and regular basis and such a purchase often comes in oral tablet or oral liquid form. Regardless of the form rarely will an athlete actually purchase Clomid for the purpose of direct enhancement but generally speaking for two sub-purposes; side-effect prevention and most commonly Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) treatment. In any case, regardless of the purpose, assuming your product is real both forms function within the body the same way; in that there is no difference. Even so, before you purchase Clomid in any form there are things you need to understand and then and only then will you be ready to reap the benefits at hand.

Purchase Clomid for Performance Enhancement:

For the performance enhancing athlete it will be on cycle side-effect prevention and PCT use for which this product is used. Many purchase Clomid for on cycle use as it can help prevent Gynecomastia (male breast enlargement) a common possible side-effect brought on by aromatizing steroids. The premise is simple; this SERM once in the body binds itself to the receptors in the chest thereby preventing estrogen from binding there and causing Gynecomastia. It does not reduce estrogen nor does it prohibit estrogen from being formed but simply prevents it from binding. For many this is enough protection but for many more it is not and only aromatase inhibitors will do.

By and large those who purchase Clomid do so for the purpose of PCT and this is perhaps its most important purpose in performance enhancement. As you understand anabolic androgenic steroids greatly suppress natural testosterone production. Once a course of use is complete the first order of business is to get your natural testosterone production going once again. Clomid by its nature can help stimulate this process by way of stimulating the release of both Luteinizing and Follicle Stimulating Hormones (LH & FSH) for without testosterone cannot exist. By supplemental use of this SERM during PCT the individual is able to speed up testosterone recovery enabling him to not only hold onto more gains but remain a healthier individual.

Purchase Clomid for Low Testosterone:

As many men the world over suffer from low testosterone some may find if they purchase Clomid their problem goes away. As you recall from above in our discussion about PCT Clomid helps to stimulate natural testosterone production by stimulating the release of LH and FSH. Of LH and FSH, LH is generally the most important and quite commonly for many men they are simply not producing enough LH to allow for adequate testosterone levels. By supplementing with this SERM and now producing adequate LH many men see their low testosterone disappear; however, while this will work for some for the strong majority it will not. Many men who purchase Clomid for this purpose, while it can work many may be left disappointed. Often a SERM is not enough to treat low testosterone and only direct exogenous testosterone therapy will do.

Purchase Clomid Forms:

There are two forms in-which this SERM commonly comes, tablets and liquid. Both forms are taken orally and increasingly those who purchase Clomid most commonly do so in the liquid form due to the high availability. Both forms can work equally well but there is something you need to understand. Tablets should generally be your first choice as they are far easier to control. Liquids, while effective can be somewhat limited and this often revolves around whos making it. More importantly it can be a little difficult to dose out the liquid form exactly like you want and unfortunately theres also a lot of bogus liquid floating around out there.

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