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Side Effects of Tren

Theres no doubt about it, in-fact it is beyond question, Trenbolone is one of the most powerfully effective anabolic androgenic steroids of all time; that said the truth remains, the side effects of Tren are no joking matter. The side effects of Tren can be very harsh and while responsible use is always the key to safe performance enhancement with any anabolic steroid, with Trenbolone we must use extra caution. Absolutely, you can supplement with the Trenbolone hormone safely and very effectively but you need to be aware of the possible side effects of Tren so that you can avoid them or combat them if necessary. While many of the side effects of Tren are very avoidable unfortunately for some people they will not be able to supplement with this steroid regardless of how responsible they are; individual response is always a factor with any anabolic steroid but that may ring truer in the case of Trenbolone.

The Harsh Side Effects of Tren:

The Trenbolone hormone carries with it many possible adverse side effects and while the probability of each one will vary there are a few that carry a much higher probability than most steroidal related reactions. Many athletes who supplement with Trenbolone will notice these side effects to a degree and many of them will be able to tolerate them quite well; however, for some they can become so intense that supplementing with this powerful hormone is something they simply cannot do. The harsh side effects of Tren can include anxiety, insomnia, rapid heart rate, night sweats and even a complete loss of libido and sexual function and they can reach a level of intensity that is more than likely beyond your imagination.

Lets be clear, these adverse reactions will not occur strongly in the majority and how high you take your dose will in many cases play a very large role. Further, issues surrounding libido and sexual function are largely avoidable if exogenous testosterone therapy is applied and enough testosterone is administered to combat such an issue. Testosterone supplementation is essential to Trenbolone use as the Trenbolone hormone will suppress natural testosterone production tremendously. As for the other harsh side effects of Tren, if you use responsibly you will greatly improve your odds but you need to understand with this hormone there is no guarantee; each and every individual will respond differently.

The Basic Side Effects of Tren:

There is some pretty good news regarding the Trenbolone hormone, it does not aromatize and therefore some of the steroidal side effects of this nature are of no concern. As it does not aromatize many performance enhancers assume Gynecomastia (male breast enlargement) Gyno is no concern but this is far from true. Trenbolone has a strong progestin nature and as such Gyno can occur quite easily and in a very pronounced manner. Further, if you're supplementing with testosterone as you are advised to do you are also supplementing with a hormone that does aromatize and therefore your risk of incurring Gyno has just increased. To combat this issue there is a relatively easy measure and it comes in the form of an aromatase inhibitor (AI). An AI will protect against such an occurrence and leave you with only the benefits of your Trenbolone use; even so there are other side effects of Tren that we need to discuss.

Other possible side effects of Tren include hair-loss, high blood pressure, acne and even headaches but there are things that must be said. Hair-loss will only occur in men who are predisposed; simply put this means you were going to lose your hair anyway, the Trenbolone hormone simply sped the process up. In many ways we can say the same thing about acne; men who are not predisposed to acne, who keep their skin clean and generally don't have issues to begin with will more than likely be fine; however, while rare some who are not acne prone will still fall prey. Blood pressure and headaches, this is in many cases also individually based; men who are predisposed to high blood pressure should in most cases avoid supplementing with this hormone. However, high blood pressure and headaches can still occur in some men, even those who do not have a predisposition towards high blood pressure. In many cases when these side effects of Tren occur it is due to the dose being too high; not always but the strong majority of the time.

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