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When you buy Femara it is the trade name given to Letrozole.

If you want to buy Femara and you are located within the United States, we recommend clicking the banner above. Shipping times when you buy Letrozole within the United States are around 1-3 business days and are sent discretely. If you are located outside of the United States, shipping times are roughly 4-10 days.

The drug was originally developed to fight breast cancer. It is used in postmenopausal women after other treatments have failed. It greatly reduces the levels of estrogen in the body. One of the most significant side effects is a reduced sex drive. Many bodybuilders use the drug because of its cost effectiveness.

Self medicating yourself with steroids or any drug without a doctor's supervision is very dangerous. Please educate before you medicate.

Warning: If you buy Femara, we urge you to do so under a doctor's supervision and have your blood levels checked regularly. Please educate yourself before using or buying any steroid or drugs.

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