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Low Testerone

Low Testerone is something that affects all men at some point in their lives to one degree or another but one thing you can guarantee is as you age your levels will go down. How we live our lives will in many ways affect the magnitude of this decline, the rate in-which levels decline, how soon and how dramatically but it will happen. The better we take care of ourselves the higher our levels will remain; regular exercise and proper nutrition can do wonders but even still the inevitable will come and for some even a healthy lifestyle will not prevent Low Testerone at an early age. There are many men who live a healthy lifestyle yet they still suffer from Low Testerone; its impossible to predict what your end outcome will be, even so, all hope is not lost.

Low Testerone Symptoms:

There are many symptoms commonly associated with Low Testerone and if you exhibit even one there is a good chance your levels are low. Granted, in most cases you will exhibit at least one of the sexually related symptoms; there are three specific classes of symptoms, sexually related, mental and physical. Low Testerone can be very damaging to a quality physique regarding your effort to build or maintain one. Further, Low Testerone can dramatically reduce your libido and even lead to symptoms of depression. Most men who suffer from low levels will find they suffer from multiple symptoms; the most common symptoms of Low Testerone include:

  • Depression
  • Decreased Libido
  • Loss of Strength
  • Decreased Energy
  • Excess Body-Fat or Difficulty Losing Body-Fat
  • Loss of Muscle Tissue
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Memory Loss or Cognitive Disorder

Treating Low Testerone:

To receive quality treatment for your Low Testerone one of the best options you have is a visit to your local doctor or hormone replacement clinic. A simple blood work test will determine where your levels fall and if they are in-fact low a very simple remedy will be applied. In an effort to treat the symptoms you will be given doses of the hormone testosterone, an anabolic steroid naturally produced by the human body that you are no longer producing in adequate levels. While this treatment will eliminate the symptoms it will not cure your Low Testerone; once you fall prey to Low Testerone there is no turning back. Even so, this shouldnt concern you a great deal as treatment is very simple and painless.

Most individuals who go in for Low Testerone treatment will be given doses of the hormone in three distinct forms; by injection, transdermal gels or transdermal patches. All three will in most cases get the job done but for many men injectable testosterone will be their only saving grace. While all three forms carry with them the same hormone, the injectable versions are far more efficient.

The Bottom Line:

When you receive treatment for your Low Testerone you will not only eliminate the symptoms associated with but greatly improve your overall quality of life. Your physique will improve, your libido will go up and your overall mental state and general sense of well-being will improve. While most any general physician can prescribe therapy, in many cases a hormone replacement clinic will be your best option as this is exactly what they specialize in and are best suited for.

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