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Low Testosterone in Men

As men there are many things imperative to our absolute overall health and function and among the various hormones we produce few are as important as testosterone. Testosterone is in many ways the hormone largely responsible for making men, men. Masculine features, a natural and overall larger and more muscular frame than women, naturally stronger physiques and even our generally more aggressive behavior is largely due to our higher levels of testosterone. Because testosterone is so important, when our levels fall it can cause some serious problems making low testosterone in men no joking matter. While women require testosterone too they do so in trace amounts compared to their counterparts and low levels of will normally not cause too many major issues. Conversely, low testosterone in men is an entirely different matter as its effects can be brutal and life changing in a very negative way.

Low Testosterone in Men The Symptoms:

While low testosterone is annoying at best fortunately the symptoms of low testosterone in men are very easy to spot and generally right in-front of your face. While you will need to have your levels checked to determine official readings, in most cases a simple examination of your overall state can largely determine what the outcome of the test will be. If youve noticed a decrease in sexual desires, erectile dysfunction, a weaker and smaller physique even with regular exercise, if you find it difficult to lose fat and have a generally depressed nature theres a good chance you suffer from low testosterone. Low testosterone in men may not always show each symptom to an equal degree, you may only actively display one or two but quite often thats all it takes.

Low Testosterone in Men The Effects:

The symptoms of low testosterone should give you a general idea of the negative effects as the symptom is the effect but it goes beyond the physical and sexual symptoms discussed above. While the physical symptoms cause negative adverse effects they can further bring about other effects adverse to our overall health. With weaker physiques higher in body-fat than they should otherwise be we open the door for many other serious health risks commonly associated with individuals who are not of optimal health.

While testosterone is vital for a healthy physique and proper sexual function many fail to recognize the very important role it plays on our mental state; it is so important that it has been shown that low testosterone in men can greatly increase ones risk for cognitive disorders and disease. Further, as mentioned above, as this powerful hormone can affect our mental state, when inadequate levels are produced it is not uncommon for depression to set in. Many times this is pushed aside and deemed stress related but quite often the stress itself is due to low testosterone; its nothing short of a vicious circle.

Low Testosterone in Men - The Solution:

There is only one true solution only one true remedy for low testosterone in men and it should come as no surprise; low testosterone in men can only be treated by testosterone replacement therapy. If you suffer from low levels all this means is your body is not producing adequate amounts and you need supplemental help. As you need supplemental help the only thing that makes sense to supplement with is testosterone. True, there are alternative things you can do to increase your levels; some will work and some wont but true 100% remedy can only be found through true exogenous testosterone use.

If you believe you suffer from low testosterone you are advised to seek out your local physician or a hormone replacement clinic in order to receive treatment with the latter normally being optimal due to specialization. While you will not receive doses comparable to performance enhancing you will receive the best testosterone money can buy and by bringing your levels back to normal you will in-fact be increasing and improving your overall performance as well as improving your quality of life.

The Bottom Line:

Low testosterone in men is not a new found problem, it is a problem that has existed since the beginning of time; however, in recent years more are becoming aware of it. As awareness has grown so have the number of cases involved; many of the symptoms and effects of low testosterone are brought on by our own hand due to unhealthy lifestyles. Granted, all men will experience a decline as they age but the extent and how soon can many times be dictated based on how we choose to live. Live smart and you will largely avoid this problem to the degree many do but sometimes even clean living isnt enough and therapy is the only choice.

For those who do undergo therapy you will find it to be a very simple process and about as pain free as anything can be. Even so, even as it is very simple it should be noted there is no cure for low testosterone in men; once your levels are naturally low they will naturally remain there for the rest of your life; actually they will more than likely continue to decline. While therapy will not provide a cure it will provide a solution, a remedy and largely reverse the negative effects associated with low levels. As this is an effective form of therapy, once you begin you will need to continue for the rest of your life if you desire proper testosterone levels. While continuous therapy may sound like a giant pain and inconvenience you can rest assured it pales in comparison to low testosterone and will in-fact be one of the best decisions you ever make.

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