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Low Testosterone Symptoms

Youve heard the phrase, youve seen the ads on TV regarding low testosterone but for the strong majority they have absolutely no idea what this means much less if they should even care. Lets be clear, yes, you should absolutely care; testosterone is not only an important hormone but proper levels are vital to the proper function of our bodies. Everyone needs testosterone, both men and women but as men you will find you need quite a bit more than your female counterparts. Testosterone plays an important role in both our physical and mental state as well as our sexual functions and low levels can bring havoc to all. If you are concerned about your own levels there are specific low testosterone symptoms you need to be aware of and if any of these low testosterone symptoms begin to show in you then you may have a problem.

No, if you suffer from low testosterone your life is not on the line; it is not a condition that will kill you but it can make your life far more uncomfortable than it needs to be. Many men who suffer commonly dismiss and ignore low testosterone symptoms even when theyre right in front of their face; for years we have been conditioned to believe that such symptoms are only a natural part of life and nothing more. However, while there is some truth to this belief it is not something we have to accept. Yes, as we age our natural testosterone levels will decline but if we so choose we can easily remedy the decline and keep our levels stable. Ask yourself this; as you age if your teeth fall out would you not get new ones? As you age if you developed a heart condition would you not get it treated? Of course you would and we can apply the same thinking here as it applies to testosterone. The first step is recognizing the symptoms and once we pin-point the low testosterone symptoms we can easily bring about a solution.

Low Testosterone Symptoms:

There are generally three classes of low testosterone symptoms and they relate to sexual function, physical appearance and function as well as our basic state of mind or metal function. Within all three there can be numerous symptoms and negative effects; the most common low testosterone symptoms include:

  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Decreased Libido
  • Decreases in Strength
  • Decreases in Lean Muscle Tissue
  • Increased Body-Fat
  • Depression
  • Decreased Energy
  • Increased Irritability

If you suffer from even one of the above symptoms you may in-fact suffer from low testosterone; if you suffer from more than one we can in most cases guarantee you do. As all of these symptoms can be beyond bothersome there is some very good news; every last one is treatable and the solution is testosterone replacement therapy. However, conditions surrounding these symptoms can exist for reasons beyond testosterone levels; therefore we must examine them all in order to lend a better understanding.

Sexually Related Low Testosterone Symptoms:

By-in-large these will be the most common low testosterone symptoms of all and for many men the most annoying; a decreased libido and erectile dysfunction. While the two can often go hand-in-hand it is possible for only one to exist and many times it is due to low testosterone levels. It should be noted, these symptoms can often exist simply due to you being in poor physical health regarding your sedentary life and poor diet but many times these two factors can lower testosterone as well and qualify you for therapy. Although it should be obvious it cannot be overstated; the better you take care of yourself the stronger your levels will remain but in some cases this is not enough. As we age, regardless of our proper diet and exercise plans our levels will drop but often the degree is worse when we treat our bodies like a dumpster.

For those who suffer from these low testosterone symptoms, sound therapy will in most all cases reverse and improve each one. Your libido will return to normal, erectile dysfunction will be nothing more than an unpleasant memory. For many men this will be enough and all they need to hear to get them to have their levels checked; however, there is more.

Physical Low Testosterone Symptoms:

You still exercise, you eat properly and take care of your body but you seem to continually lose muscle tissue, your strength continues to decline and your body-fat increasingly climbs; if this sounds familiar and for many it will you may have a problem, as all of these effects are common low testosterone symptoms. Testosterone is largely responsible for how our metabolism functions and when it functions poorly due to low levels adverse effects can be seen

As was the case with the sexually related adverse effects the same can be said of the physical; treatment will reverse and often improve the situation beyond what youve seen in a very long time. For many men therapy can bring about a feeling they have not enjoyed since they were much younger men. If proper diet and exercise are not getting the job done any more, solid testosterone therapy may be the missing link. With solid therapy you can once again enjoy a lean muscular physique and regain much of the strength long since lost.

Mental and Emotional Low Testosterone Symptoms:

They are without question the most ignored low testosterone symptoms but they exist and in-truth while at first glance they may not seem like a big deal, for most men these are truly the worst of all. Many men who find themselves depressed often attribute it to stress be it at work or home or even a dissatisfied feeling with life in general. It is true, all of these things can cause depression but many times the true culprit is simply low testosterone levels. Think about it, if you suffer from the above low testosterone symptoms previously discussed thats enough to make anyone depressed however, testosterone actually has a direct effect on our brains and when levels are low this is a problem. Several studies have shown that men who suffer from low levels are far more susceptible to cognitive diseases such as Alzheimers.

Like our previously mentioned symptoms again there is hope and it is testosterone therapy. With proper therapy, in many cases issues surrounding depression or poor emotional state can largely be improved. Your mental state and quite frankly your overall sense of well-being will be greatly improved. By the way, did we mention youll have more energy? You bet, your energy levels will go up allowing you to do more of whatever it is you enjoy, again improving your mental and overall quality of life.

Important Factors:

While low testosterone symptoms are no joking matter and while it is true that as we age our levels naturally go down, more often than not they do so sooner and in higher pronounced manners simply by our own hand. We have touched on this some but it is a very important factor and often low testosterone symptoms are brought about by these very things. Men who do not exercise regularly will suffer from lower levels sooner than they would otherwise; men who eat diets comprised of garbage will see the same and men who drink regularly will see low testosterone symptoms far earlier than they ever should. If you combine all three of these factors and thats not hard to do as this is how most men live, its no surprise so many men suffer from low testosterone.

Regardless of the reason your low testosterone symptoms have shown, if they have and you believe you suffer you are highly advised to do something about it. A simple appointment to your local physician or hormone replacement clinic will get the job done and many insurance plans will cover it. In most cases a hormone replacement clinic will prove to be the better option as this is what they specialize in but regardless of how you do it once you do you will be very glad you did.

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