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Signs of Low Testosterone

The signs of low testosterone are easy to find, very easy to spot and if you're a man over the age of 40 there's a good chance you're displaying at least a few. While all men experience a natural decline in testosterone as they age it gains considerable downward momentum as we enter into our forties. While our forties and fifties will prove to be when the negative ball really gets rolling, for many and we do mean many, levels begin a steady downward decent in the thirties. While this problem can be annoying at best it affects the strong majority of men at some point in their life and there's both good and bad news. The bad news is once signs of low testosterone are present they are there to stay; there is no cure for low testosterone. However, there is good news; although there is no permanent cure there is a remedy and a solution and by-in-large we can reverse the signs of low testosterone.

Common Signs of Low Testosterone:

While you will have to undergo a blood test to determine specific levels, in most cases the signs of low testosterone are right in front of your face. For many men these signs are largely ignored and often deemed simply inevitable fate and while there is some truth to this it does'nt have to be this way. Many of the symptoms are naturally caused and in many cases they are increased by acts of our own hand, which we will discuss as we go along but regardless of the cause the effects are the same. If you display any of the following signs of low testosterone you are highly advised to have your levels checked and they include:

  • Depression
  • Decreased Libido
  • Loss of Strength
  • Decreased Energy
  • Excess Body-Fat or Difficulty Losing Body-Fat
  • Loss of Muscle Tissue
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Memory Loss or Cognitive Disorder

Treating the Symptoms:

While low testosterone is generally not a life threatening disorder as you can easily see the signs of low testosterone are no joking matter. They can make your life quite uncomfortable and greatly reduce your overall quality of life. While there is no permanent cure the remedy is highly effective and a very simple process. If you do in-fact suffer from low testosterone simple testosterone therapy will be in most cases all you need. Youve seen the commercials talking about Low T this is exactly what they are referring to and increasingly countless men have begun to recognize the problem and are seeking out solutions.

I you are showing signs of low testosterone and decide to treat the symptoms you will find everyone, regardless of how many you display largely reduced or even completely reversed. Granted, for some men the problems will run deeper and simple testosterone therapy may not be enough but for the vast majority regular testosterone administration will get the job done. Are there possible negative side-effects, of course, all medications, even Tylenol carry with them possible side-effects but for the majority of men such therapy will be well tolerated and generally any side-effects incurred will not be nearly as bothersome as low levels of testosterone.

Early Prevention:

If youre a living breathing male your testosterone levels will decline, it is a natural part of life and while the rate at which it falls can greatly vary from person to person there are things we can do to improve our natural production and greatly stave off signs of low testosterone. Without question simply living a healthy lifestyle will do wonders for you; men who carry with them excess body-fat will generally see their levels drop sooner than they should have as will men who generally remain sedentary. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, a proper diet and regular exercise program will greatly increase your ability to keep your levels normal, as will avoiding regular consumption of alcohol. Regular alcohol consumption can greatly interfere with testosterone production and when you couple that with all the other things its easy to see how our levels can fall fast and dramatically.


While the manner in-which our lifestyle is laid out, ignorance is often part of the problem; many people simply havent a clue to what healthy living really is but when we are speaking of low testosterone it is ignorance of the occurrence that is one of the saddest factors of all. For many men, when the signs of low testosterone show up they will simply ignore them, either hoping they will magically go away or assuming there is nothing they can do about. Further, many men will attribute the signs of low testosterone to stress and while stress can play a role in all the symptoms listed above, many times this stress is actually caused or heightened by low testosterone.

So whats the point? Educate yourself, educate yourself on testosterone, the importance of the hormone, how it functions, what its responsible for and how best to remedy any problems that may arise. You do not need to be a doctor to gain a general understanding of this issue; if you have the ability to read then you have the ability to learn and the good news is its a relatively simple process and topic.

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