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For the athlete who desires anabolic androgenic steroids you have many options; buy from your local gym dealer, buy directly from the pharmacy or buy steroids online. Generally these are the three most common options and over the last decade those who buy steroids online have increasingly become the majority. The reasons are simple; it’s highly convenient and in most cases the best priced gear you will find; however, although convenient and often decently priced does not mean it is always the best option. There are always questions of purity and quality, concerns over blatant counterfeits and of course legal issues to consider depending on where you live. Even so, for the majority these questions are often of very little concern as so many are so desperate to obtain the anabolic edge and increasingly many will buy steroids online from the first person offering.

Legality of Buying Steroids Online

In some countries it is perfectly legal to buy all the anabolic steroids you want; in others, such as in the United States, purchasing steroids without a prescription has become akin to rape; at least that’s the way it’s often purported. If you are caught purchasing from your local supplier or even a friend you may indeed pay a pretty stiff penalty; however, if you buy steroids online the water can begin to get a lot murkier. When you buy steroids online they must be shipped to you from an undisclosed location; if it is a domestic source from another state and state lines are crossed the penalty can get steeper; then consider international suppliers and you’ve entered a whole different ballgame. Then of course one must consider having anabolic androgenic steroids delivered by mail; as the post office is a federal entity and the post office is who delivers mail, if caught you’ve now opened up a can of worms that will emphatically stink to high heaven.

Buy Quality Steroids Online

It’s no secret or at least it shouldn’t be; human grade steroids will always prove to be superior to underground lab versions each as the majority of underground labs in existent sell nothing short of pure garbage. Unfortunately most who buy steroids online do so from underground labs simply because it’s normally a little bit cheaper. Of course in the end when you buy steroids online from a shady supplier you really don’t get a good deal; how is buying crap a good deal?

For those who possess functioning brains and wish to buy steroids online these individuals will stick with human grade brands and labels. While this is truly the only way to go in-terms of quality you’re not quite out of the water. Some of the most well-known human grade lines are also some of the most commonly counterfeited and some of the labs who counterfeit such products do a pretty good job at deceiving. When you find a source for anabolic steroids and the deal seems fair and the product appears to be good you’re still not ready to order. Before placing an order it is imperative you research the supplier. There are many websites that specialize in outing scammers and those who manufacture counterfeit and bunk gear and before you buy steroids online you should research through these sites. However, keep in mind many of these sites are pure garbage as well, as those who run them are some of the same people who are selling the gear. You need to find sites of an unbiased nature that are not run by the suppliers themselves.

The Bottom Line with Buying Steroids Online

In the end while you can buy steroids online quite conveniently and many times without legal ramifications it is by no means the desired route. While you may not get caught, in the end if you do the price you’ll pay will not be worth one pound of the muscle you gained. Furthermore, as many will go unnoticed by the law, when you buy steroids online as you never really know what you’re getting from most sources, research and we mean thorough research is of the utmost importance. Regardless of your decision there is one very important thing you need to keep in mind; if you are caught breaking the law or if you purchase bunk gear, as much as that sucks and as much pain as we feel for you, in the end it is all on you and you alone. Be responsible for your actions, be smart and be safe.

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