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If you go to many of the various steroid message boards or even listen closely to the conversations at your local gym you’ll always hear people complaining about finding good quality steroid sources. There’s no doubt about it, steroid sources are as plentiful as the tap water from your sink but quality steroid sources, now that is a very different story. With the hundreds, even thousands of steroid sources available we can guarantee you the strong majority of them are not worth your time.

For some reason this is hard for a lot of people to accept; they see someone selling a product they want and immediately assume it must be okay to buy; after all, if a supplier says he has steroids for sale he must, right? You need to remember these are controlled substances and any time you’re dealing with a supplier you’re dealing with someone on the black market and this means a large portion of them are not going to be on the up and up. However, many of them survive for a long time because so many are so desperate for that anabolic advantage that they’ll buy anything from anyone who is offering. Then of course you have the good ones, steroid sources that have been around for years even decades; they may very well charge a little more but they are truly the only ones you’ll ever want to go with. We know this sounds simple and we know it sounds obvious but the reality is most of you do not understand it because if you did the bad steroid sources would no longer exist.

Gym Suppliers:

He’s one of the oldest steroid sources in the world, your local gym dealer and without question he is the most convenient. He has the products you want, he has them now and making a transaction is about as simple as buying a cheeseburger. While this is the most convenient source you’ll ever find it can also in most cases be the most expensive. Most gym dealers are middle men; by the time the anabolic hormones make it into your hands they’ve normally changed hands so many times that the price you’ll end up paying is astronomical. It’s not uncommon to see testosterone amps go for as much as $15 per amp and even closer to $20 in some cases and when it comes to tablets it’s just as bad if not worse.

Of course price is not the only problem, you have no way of knowing where he’s getting this product from; at least in most cases you don’t and while he may not be honest about it to begin with the truth is most gym suppliers are clueless. Most of these guys are buying from the same stupid places the rest of the world is and they’re simply making an assumption; you will very rarely find steroid sources in the gym that actually know with 100% certainty where their product comes from and can back it with a guarantee. You better believe there are gym based suppliers who are fantastic, who know more about what’s going on than most but they’re rare and a dying breed.


The online internet based steroid sources are the primary ones and by far how most people obtain their anabolic steroids today. This type of supplier may have a website you buy from or he may simply have a list that is exchanged through email but in either case there is no face to face interaction. The bad news about such steroid sources is there are thousands of frauds but the good news is the frauds are very easy to spot. There are many source boards on the net that discuss just that, steroid sources and you can find out very easily who’s on the up and up, whose got top shelf products and who’s ripping people off. Unfortunately many of the scammers survive and even thrive because so many potential buyers are either lazy or too anxious but if that’s you it is no one’s fault but your own.

Another good thing about internet based steroid sources is the price; in-fact it can be very cheap. While some are still middle men you’ll find the product hasn’t changed hands all that often but you’ll also find some steroid sources in this category aren’t middle men at all, they’re the direct supplier. If you’ve done your homework you can find top notch Testosterone Propionate amps for as little as $3, Testoviron Depot amps for as little as $4 and even 5mg Dianabol tabs for as little as $0.10 per tab. Yes, there are absolutely scammers online, there are more bad sources than good ones and the bad ones outnumber the good ones ten to one but the good ones are not hard to find. The only reason bad steroid sources survive is because so many people are so impatient, lazy and quite frankly just stupid in their behavior. If you want good top quality gear it is available and abundantly so, you simply need to do a little work to get it.

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