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Steroid Law - Controlled Deliveries

For the performance enhancer purchasing anabolic androgenic steroids always presents a risk; after all, simple possession of anabolic steroids in the United States is a felony offence without a legal prescription. As the war on steroids has been gaining in power for many years one of the greatest risk associated with performance enhancing is that of a controlled delivery and make no mistake, if one occurs law enforcement will do everything they can to ensure the package falls into your hands.

During a controlled delivery the objective is not to simply leave the package at your house but to ensure it makes it directly into your hands, to ensure you are the one in possession of the illegal package. Once the package is accepted by you law enforcement can and will more than likely arrest you on the spot; further, because you have accepted the package, in most cases agents will have a warrant dependent on this acceptance which will in-turn permit them to enter and search your house.

In most cases the agents at hand will try to get you to sign for the package; if you sign for the package there is no way to deny you accepted it, after all, it now carries with it your signature. Couple this with the arresting agents testimony of the encounter and you are dead where you stand; for example, the agent comes to your door, ask if you are John Doe, you respond with a yes, he ask if you will accept the package and you said yes and now there’s a signature to go along with it. Many assume that by avoiding and refusing to sign for a package they are in the clear but they could not be more wrong; a signature is only the final nail in the coffin, there are actually several nails.

You can refuse to sign the package but in many cases the agent at hand will simply try to give you the package without a signature if one is refused. Keep in mind, there is no way on earth a true courier would allow you to accept a package without a signature but of course most any law enforcement agent would; while the signature will be highly desired by them, in the end they really don’t need it to complete an arrest. If you accept the package without signing for it you’ve still accepted it, you’ve still acknowledged you are the one entitled to the package in question. Further, once arrested your behavior and refusal to sign for the package will be used against you, as it will insinuate you knew exactly what was in the package and was for that reason you refused to sign.

If you receive a knock on your door and are asked to sign for a package and refuse the next step will be to offer you the package without a signature. Assuming you deny both forms of delivery, as the law enforcement agent(s) will now be desperate to get you to accept the package they will pull out all the stops. Attorney Rick Collins has often sited one specific case of such desperate behavior where law enforcement agents really pulled all the stops and how his client handled it perfectly. The receiver denied the package, would not sign for it or accept it, at this point the agents blew their cover and showed their badges asking if they could step inside to discuss the package; they were denied. The agents informed the potential receiver there were suspected drugs in the package asking if they could open it; the potential receiver told them they could do whatever they like as it was not his. Once the package was opened discovered were 500 Anabol tablets by-which the officers told the potential receiver they had made a mistake as it was legal to import a personal supply. From there they offered the package to the potential receiver, implying he was legally entitled to possess the contents; you need to understand, law enforcement agents are by law allowed to lie in order to obtain an arrest, in-fact they can say absolutely anything they want to. In this case the potential receiver possessed sound knowledge and understanding, as the officers were in-fact lying; you cannot import any amount of anabolic steroids, regardless of what anyone may say. From there the officers were out of bullets, leaving the individual’s house with nothing more than frustration.

While absolute denial is always the best course of action we’re still not out of the water as law enforcement has begun to really step up its game with what we may in-fact call a weapon of mass destruction as it pertains to the war on steroids. Many performance enhancers are aware of controlled deliveries and how best to avoid their consequences, hopefully now you are too but there is another factor and it is largely unstoppable. Wiring packages has begun to become quite common place; the package is wired, once opened a signal goes off that alerts the officiating officers. Without question this is some fantastic evidence for prosecutors as they now how evidence that you not only accepted the package but opened it which by law states the package was intended for you.  One the signal goes off a search warrant will be obtained and a raid on your residence or location will ensue. There is absolutely no way to know if a package carries such a device as it will not be visible until the package is opened and it will not make a sound once opened but rather transmit an alert to the officiating agents.

While controlled deliveries of a signature nature are common the wired packages are gaining in popularity and will more than likely become the primary tool in anabolic steroid bust in the very near future. With that in mind there’s no two ways about it, purchasing anabolic steroids on the black market is increasingly becoming a very stupid idea. Is it fair, is it right? We can argue these questions until we are blue in the face but regardless of what’s right or wrong does not change the reality of a situation.

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