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Steroid Law - Legal Purchase and Possession

There is no doubt about it, in many countries the laws regarding anabolic steroids are quite strict and never is this more apparent than in the United States by way of the Steroid Control Acts of 1990 and 2004. In the United States, under federal law the distribution and possession of anabolic steroids without a viable medical prescription is illegal and a felony offense. Failure to abide by the law of the land can be quite brutal to say the least resulting in both prison time and high fines and such punishments can be procured for violations of very small amounts. It is a common misconception in the performance enhancing world that law enforcement agents have little to no interest in personal possession, that they have no desire to go after a personal user; unfortunately for such individuals this is very irresponsible thinking. Law enforcement has stepped up its effort greatly in the war on steroids in recent years and increasingly is going after personal users of anabolic steroids. It is true, while you may not be their primary target it is through the personal user they find their way to the big fish they desire and they will in-fact squeeze and bleed out as many small fish as they can to reach this end.

Low Testosterone:

By the manner in-which anabolic steroids are perceived by popular culture the assumption is fairly simple, steroids, crack or any other controlled drug, its all the same thing but once again nothing could be further from the truth. Anabolic androgenic steroids actually serve a great multitude of purposes and have done so for a very long time; in the treatment of many muscle wasting diseases and in burn victims anabolic steroids can be the difference between life and death but it does not stop here. Youve seen the commercials for Low-T and while you may be aware most are not; the treatment for Low-T which is simply a cute way of saying Low Testosterone is and only is anabolic steroids. Increasingly many physicians have begun to recognize how serious the effects of low testosterone can truly be and how important and beneficial testosterone therapy can be to treat such conditions. The same can be said of the non-steroidal hormone Human Growth Hormone; although HGH is not a steroid it is often grouped into the same category in many ways regarding performance enhancement.

Testosterone Levels:

The truth is simple, by law you can legally obtain human grade anabolic steroids for purposes other than say muscle wasting disease but there still must necessarily be a viable medical purpose. If such a purpose exists, say low testosterone, you can quite easily obtain a prescription and walk right into your local RX and leave with anabolic steroids in hand. While this is the case the tricky part is defining low testosterone as there is no set level deemed and accepted by all in the medical practice. Further, what may be a low level for you may not be for another individual; you may be one who for years naturally produced a massive amount of testosterone and then your levels dropped but are now at a naturally high level for another individual. You may produce total testosterone levels of 700 while your friend only produces a total testosterone level of 500; 700 and 500 being both of your current natural limits. Once you drop you may drop to 500 and yes, you will feel a major difference being that youre more accustomed to higher levels and unfortunately for you many doctors will not give you a prescription. In most circles total testosterone levels below 300 will warrant some sort of anabolic steroid prescription but the type of doctor you receive it from will greatly determine the total amounts; in any case while a legal steroid purchase may be in your future it will not be to the levels associated with performance enhancement.

Legal Obtaining:

To receive a legal medical prescription a visit to your local family physician may be in order but there is something important to keep in mind. Most general physicians are quite unfamiliar with anabolic steroid therapy and in most cases are out of their realm of expertise. In many cases an endocrinologist would be a far better choice as hormone related medicine is their specialty; however, increasingly hormone replacement clinics, sometimes called rejuvenation clinics are becoming quite popular. Such clinics focus only on anabolic steroid therapy and generally have a vast understanding of both benefits and side-effect prevention.


As the demand for anabolic steroids is very high many physicians over the years have passed out prescriptions with few questions asked and law enforcement has begun to take notice. As the law has tightened against personal users so has it against the physicians who are supplying a vast portion of the oils and tabs. For this reason many physicians are petrified of prescribing anabolic steroids to those who may actually need them for a medical purpose as the slightest discrepancy can be devastating in the end for the doctor at hand. Physicians who violate anabolic steroid laws as they pertain to prescription based therapy are subject to arrest and having their licensed stripped as well as high fines and even prison.

The Perplexing Question:

In the world of performance enhancement the question has existed for years; by law anabolic steroids are illegal on all counts without a viable medical purposes that exists outside of the few discussed here. The basis of the law is simple; anabolic steroids are dangerous, they can and will most likely lead to severe health problems and can even lead to death, as well as cause severe mood effects of a violent nature. The question remains, if this is true, if there are facts to lend to these assumptions then the law is just; especially regarding the latter. However, if such facts do not exist the question is simple; how is it anabolic steroids are good for your health if youre sick or suffer from low testosterone but theyll kill you if youre a healthy adult? It is a question that has been asked many times and it is generally ignored; more times than not the response is simple use is against the law and facts are deemed unimportant.

In the end contrary to popular belief, yes, you can legally obtain anabolic steroids of the highest and most potent nature but you cannot do so for the purpose of building muscle or enhancing athletic performance. True, you may obtain such steroids and achieve to a degree just that but by the eyes of the law it can never be a primary purposes or even a secondary reason for a prescription being given.

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