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A steroid cream is a term thrown around very loosely and can refer to several different things. In common medical practice a steroid cream often refers to a topical steroid belonging to the corticosteroid family. In other cases a steroid cream may refer to testosterone gel often used in hormone replacement therapy but perhaps the most famous use of a steroid cream is by that of BALCO commonly known as The Clear. Make no mistake, each steroid cream is unique unto its own; The Clear and the various corticosteroids are very different animals indeed; they may indeed all belong to the steroid family but the differences are truly apples and oranges.


Although corticosteroids do come in injectable forms they commonly come in a steroid cream form as well. Generally this type of steroid cream is prescribed for the treatment of but not limited to:

  • Rash
  • Dermatitis
  • Eczema

While there are many forms and classifications of this class of drugs, the steroid cream form is generally reserved for the above ailments while other ailments often treated with the use of corticosteroids are administered by injection, orally in the form of a tablet or by use of an inhaler.

Testosterone Gel:

Steroid cream in the form of a testosterone gel has gained enormous popularity in recent years. Many men who suffer from low testosterone levels are often prescribed testosterone gel in order to combat this condition. Although the drug in a steroid cream form is the same as its injectable counterpart in-terms of function and makeup, efficiency is a different story. As with all anabolic steroids the possible side-effects of testosterone gels are the same as injectable testosterones with the added possibility of skin irritation at the applied area. Although this irritation can be a nuisance, many men prefer a steroid cream to combat low testosterone simply out of convenience or a fear of injection by self-administration. Although a steroid cream in the form of testosterone gel will provide a boost in testosterone levels the rate of absorption in comparison to the injectable forms is truly night and day; one would need to apply a higher dose of gel to meet the same levels of absorption in lower dose intramuscular therapy. For example; one may apply 5g of testosterone gel, to get the same results by injection would only need to administer approximately 100mg.

The Clear:

Of all various creams it is The Clear or as it is also often called The Cream that has stolen the limelight as king steroid cream. This very famous steroid cream contains two key ingredients, testosterone and epitestosterone. Although this steroid cream works and works well in-terms of aiding in performance enhancing it is in its detectability where it truly stands out. The entire purpose of this drug development was for one simple reason; to allow tested athletes the ability to use anabolic steroids without being caught and it worked brilliantly. Keep in mind, this product is very expensive and in comparison to injectable steroids the results are again night and day. One cannot expect massive gains in muscle tissue due to its use; the idea is to simply give one a boost without being caught and in-terms of price, the price you will pay is astronomical.

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