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In the ranks of performance enhancement designer steroids come and go yet they remain a sought after tool for many who take part in the performance enhancing game. Lets go ahead and get right to the point and delve into an important element of truth; designer steroids are in most cases not all they're cracked up to be, in-fact in most cases there's very little difference between designer steroids and the many existing pro-hormones. Yes, that is correct; designer steroids are typically not true blue anabolic androgenic steroids in the traditional sense and if you're a true blue performance enhancer you'll find very little use for them regardless of what the bottle may say.

Understanding Designer Steroids:

Designer steroids are for all intense purposes what is known as a Pro-Steroid simply meaning it is an anabolic substance that has yet to be classified as a controlled substance and in many cases like a pro-hormone requires an chemical reaction or enzyme alteration once in the body to become active. There have been designer steroids that have existed that were true anabolic hormones that required no chemical alteration but by and large as the years have gone by most have fallen prey to the controlled substance death. Over the years many of the various supplement companies have released designer steroids with the claim that by the slight alterations in their products would beat any anti-doping test and while the strong majority of designer steroids have been a complete waste of time and money we can make a few exceptions. When it comes to the exception to the rule the infamous BALCO stands out far beyond any others as the BALCO line of supplements were actually anabolic steroids and they were not only designed to beat testing they actually beat testing. You may recall the most famous product out of the bay area lab The Cream a testosterone and epitestosterone mixture and everything designer steroids are supposed to be.

Ending Your Confusion:

It is a common question and its a good question to have; are designer steroids legal? The answer to this question is both yes and no and of course the next question is undoubtedly how can that be? Its simple; designer steroids hit the shelves, they do not contain controlled substances or contain them in an altered fashion that makes them legal. Such supplements remain legal until the FDA bans them after a time and then new legal ones hit the shelf; its a never ending cycle and one that at times can get quite confusing. Fortunately for those who wish to supplement with designer steroids many of the various manufactures stay a step ahead of the FDA, constantly in-search of better and more efficient methods to make their products. Unfortunately many supplement companies latch on to this idea as well and slap a designer logo on their product with little to no efficient product being in the bottle. Before you buy any of the many designer steroids you need to make sure you do your homework; make sure the product is still legal and make sure its actually worth your hard earned money.

The Bottom Line:

In the end the truth remains very simple and very clear, designer steroids will never beat pure and simple anabolic androgenic steroids; anabolic hormones in their pure and raw form just the way they were intended to be. At the same time because designer steroids can be obtained legally they are often a solid option for a performance enhancer simply because of that factor; they're legal. Of course you need to be careful or you may end up buying a bottle of empty promises and that's really no good for anyone; well, its no good for you but it'll sure to put a smile on the face of the company selling it to you. Just as it is important to educate yourself regarding anabolic androgenic steroids you need to have the same mindset regarding designer steroids and if you do that you'll avoid a lot of heartache in the end.

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