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Effects of Winstrol

In the world of performance enhancing most anabolic androgenic steroids carry with them a primary purpose yet often serve many secondary roles. For example, Anadrol is a great steroid for packing on size, this is its primary role yet it can be very useful to a competitive bodybuilder the final weeks of a cutting cycle right before a show. Then of course we have more versatile steroids like Testosterone and Trenbolone, whose primary roles play well into any type of cycle. Here we are however concerned with the effects of Winstrol and we find it readily suits two well-intended purposes; enhancing overall athletic performance and as a cutting agent for the dieting bodybuilder or gym rat. In either case the effects of Winstrol can be highly valuable to both purposes and as such we find an anabolic steroid in Winstrol that has a welcomed home in performance enhancement.

Off-Season Effects of Winstrol:

Off-Season typically refers to the period of time in-which the individual is growing. An off-season often refers to a competitive bodybuilders bulking period but also refers to an athletes time away from his sport, i.e. when he is not actually playing. We want to go ahead and get this period out of the way as most will find the effects of Winstrol during this phase to be very weak and in most cases making it an anabolic steroid that has very little use in an off-season period. We can however make one slight exception. One of the effects of Winstrol is it dramatically lowers SHBG and it is by this action it creates a nice synergetic effect with other anabolic steroids. It has also been speculated this effect may enable the individual to solidify the gains made to a greater degree and that is always a welcomed trait. While this may be true its still not enough to make the effects of Winstrol really worthwhile during an off-season period. Most any individual will be far better served supplementing with other items and saving this Stanozolol hormone for other purposes.

Athletic Effects of Winstrol:

The competitive athlete is by far the one who will benefit from the Stanozolol hormone the most and generally during his actual competition phase; in-fact, this may very well be one of the most important anabolic steroids of all time in such a category. One of the primary effects of Winstrol is increasing strength and an increase in strength can be actual physical power, as well as actual speed and simply provide a higher functioning more efficient athlete. Further, because this steroid will not pile on a lot of mass it in many cases wont arouse a lot of suspicion and this can be important to a tested athlete. The lack of mass building can also be important to athletes of specific sports where speed is of high importance; remember Ben Johnson at the 1988 Summer Olympics? You bet, the ass whooping he put on Carl Lewis was due to the effects of Winstrol.

Bodybuilding Effects of Winstrol:

For the bodybuilder the Stanozolol hormone has an important place and generally this will be in the competition or dieting phase; when the individual is trying to cut. The effects of Winstrol are largely responsible for aiding in producing a pleasing physique; most notably revolving around the appearance of hardness. One of the primary effects of Winstrol is hardening the muscles but understand you must already be at a lean state to reap this reward; it will not make a fat physique hard. For optimal use supplementation of this steroid is best when body-fat is already low, preferably single digit levels; if you are not at a single digit level you might wait and add it in once you are for maximum results. Such use will provide a dryer and harder look and one that as a bonus is also more vascular. Further, as this steroid is apt towards increasing strength, while on a calorie restricted diet the Stanozolol hormone will help maintain strength and preserve muscle tissue often lost when dieting; couple this with the hardening effects of Winstrol and you have a fine cutting anabolic steroid.

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