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Effects of Anavar

In the world of anabolic androgenic steroids we generally have steroids well-suited for size while others are well-suited for the dieting phase but generally speaking most have crossover abilities making them well-suited for any cycle to a degree. When we examine the effects of Anavar we find a steroid that is better served in the dieting phase for men but far more of an efficient steroid for women in general. A very mild steroid for either sex and highly popular by both due to this factor the effects of Anavar, largely thanks to message board myth are often blown out of proportion and largely misunderstood. Commonly counterfeited due to its popularity if we understand the effects of Anavar we can easily see how best to maximize this steroid to our benefit.

The Nature of the Effects of Anavar:

Anavar (Oxandrolone) is an oral Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) anabolic steroid that becomes active within the body very quickly after ingestion. As this is the case this DHT steroid carries a very short half-life of approximately 9 hours often making multiple administrations necessary for men.

When we look at the Oxandrolone hormone, when we look at its original intended purpose we can largely see how the effects of Anavar can be beneficial to the performance athlete. Anavar has the ability to greatly preserve muscle tissue in patients who suffer from muscle wasting diseases and can even greatly aid in the repair process; burn victims are often prescribed Oxandrolone. As should be evident this steroid does not pile on large amounts of tissue as its design is largely intended for repair and preservation. Even so, some tissue buildup will occur, especially for the athlete in a growing phase and while it will be very minimal it will be pure 100% lean tissue.

The Total Effects of Anavar:

As preservation and regeneration are the primary effects of Anavar metabolic efficiency cannot be ignored as it is largely intertwined with these other effects. The Oxandrolone hormone greatly promotes lipolysis by increasing the rate in-which fat is burned but also exist by way of the steroids existence. For example, the more lean tissue we hold the greater our metabolic activity is, when we diet we often lose lean tissue; if we can preserve this tissue while losing body-fat our metabolic rate yet continually increases leading to not only a more pleasing physique but one that is highly more efficient. It shouldnt be too hard to see how this can lend to high desire for many but in many men they are often left disappointed for one simple reason; they dont take enough. Oxandrolone is a very mild anabolic steroid and for the effects of Anavar to be of any worth a fair amount must be taken; for most men this will be at minimum 50mg per day with 80mg per day often being perfect. As this steroid generally cost $2 per 10mg tab this can cost a man at least $70 per week if not more for a mere 50mg often making this a poor choice for a lot of men.

The Effects of Anavar on Women:

In many circles Anavar is simply known as The Girl Steroid and while it can be useful for men this little phrase is not without warrant as it holds a fair amount of truth. While the effects of Anavar will not do much in-terms of size for a man women are much more sensitive and can see a much greater buildup in lean tissue with a very small dose. Further, as the effects of Anavar are very mild and it is so side-effect friendly many women supplement with Oxandrolone with none of the problems commonly associated with anabolic steroid use in females. In the world of physique sports and hardcore female gym rats Oxandrolone is king or in this case rather queen as it will lend to a fantastic female physique. Not only is this steroid well-suited for female bodybuilders but it is the steroid responsible for the fitness look as well; in-fact, the fitness model you like has more than likely had a little Anavar in her system. To reap the rewards of the effects of Anavar most women will find a mere 10mg per day to be perfect and extremely well-tolerated.

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