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Trenbolone Effects

For the performance enhancing athlete there are so many choices and options and while many of these options have a place in just about any cycle there are very few that do in such a true and versatile way. Trenbolone is one of these anabolic steroids as positive Trenbolone effects are so pronounced in a variety of ways throughout the body. Of course it cannot be denied, the adverse Trenbolone effects can be quite brutal and for many men this makes it an anabolic steroid they absolutely cannot use; however, the majority can tolerate it quite well and if you happen to be one of these you will not find a better choice for your performance enhancing needs.

Primary Trenbolone Effects:

Many of the primary Trenbolone effects are very similar to many other anabolic steroids, especially testosterone; however, within each one the level of effectiveness, the level of power in-which each effect is displayed, is far greater. The primary Trenbolone effects include:

  • Increased IGF-1 Production
  • Increased Nitrogen Retention in the Muscles
  • Increased Protein Synthesis
  • Increased Red Blood Cell Count
  • Decrease in Glucocorticoid Steroid Production

All of these functions can lead to a more muscular and stronger physique as well as have a very strong and positive effect on the individuals metabolic rate. Of course a logical question might be how truly powerful is this hormone? The positive Trenbolone effects are so powerful that when we compare its anabolic and androgenic nature to testosterone we find that it is both 500 times more anabolic and 500 times more androgenic and you already know how powerful testosterone is so do the math and its easy to see you have one amazing hormone in Tren.

Bonus Trenbolone Effects:

If the above effects werent already enough there is one that really sets Tren apart and it is nutrient efficiency. The Trenbolone hormone has been shown to greatly increase nutrient efficiency meaning the very food you eat becomes more valuable. Due to the simple nature of this hormones existence our body is able to utilize each and every gram of food we eat to a higher degree; if our body is a factory the level of productive output simply goes up. Why is this important? The reason is simple, food is the most anabolic substance we put in our body and the more efficiently we can utilize each and every nutrient the more efficient our entire performance process will be; of all the Trenbolone effects this may indeed be the most important one.

Adverse Trenbolone Effects:

Tren is not without its problems; it truly is a remarkable steroid but as it is so powerful, as is common with powerful steroids the negative side-effects can be a little strong. Thankfully of the negative Trenbolone effects aromatase is not one of them, making excess water retention no concern at all; however, while it does not aromatize Gynecomastia can still occur due to Tren being of a high progestin nature; for those sensitive to Gynecomastia a good aromatase inhibitor is advised. Trenbolone can also increase blood pressure quite significantly and can lead to hair-loss in men who are genetically predisposed, meaning you were going to go bald anyway the Tren just sped it up. Blood pressure can normally be controlled in healthy men who eat a proper diet and exercise regularly. If you are predisposed to high blood pressure you may want to avoid the Trenbolone hormone and if you already have high blood pressure there is no way on earth you should ever touch it.

As you can see these adverse Trenbolone effects are so far fairly mild and easy to control but were not quite out of the water yet. There is a list of adverse Trenbolone effects that can be very strong and they include:

  • Insomnia
  • Night Sweats
  • Rapid Heart Rate
  • Anxiety
  • Loss of Libido

In most cases one or more of these effects will be noticed by all users to at least a slight degree, especially insomnia and excess sweating but heart rate issue will prove to be very individualistic based on individual sensitivity. These are the Trenbolone effects that can be very brutal, for if they exist they can exist in a far more pronounced manner than you have ever experienced. For many men they can become too much and for this reason it is often advised you stick with short ester base Tren such as Trenbolone-Acetate; this way if the side-effects become too much you can discontinue use and have it cleared from your system in about 72 hours; if youre using Trenbolone-Enanthate youll have to wait for over a week. As for libido, in most cases this is easy to control through responsible use; Tren will suppress natural testosterone production dramatically and for this reason testosterone therapy is a must when Tren is being used. Always remember, responsible use is your best friend; if you use responsibly the above side-effects while they may still occur the odds will be far more in your favor.

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