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Testosterone Boosters

The facts are simple, testosterone is produced in your body naturally, and you need adequate levels to maintain proper function and higher levels to reach certain goals. While an important natural hormone for all, as we age it declines and as we find ourselves part of any physical endeavor we often find we need more than we naturally produce. For these reasons many regularly seek out testosterone boosters and testosterone boosters can be found in a host of varying categories. While some categories will prove to be far more effective, in the end all we really want is an increased level. This can be achieved in one of two ways, naturally or with the aid of synthetic help. Either way, we will delve into the aspects of both and leave you with an understanding of which testosterone boosters you should apply.

Over the Counter:

There are many testosterone boosters sold right over the counter; by simply walking into your local supplement store or visiting your favorite online shop you can find a host of supplements advertising this claim. While these types of testosterone boosters are 100% legal one should be aware this does not mean they are all 100% effective. Many of these over the counter product will not increase testosterone any more than wearing a diaper on your head but at the same time many will do a decent job. The key is knowing what to look for, understanding how to read the labels and understanding the ingredients found within. Some of the various brands will be comprised of natural ingredients proven to increase our levels, such as zinc and tribulus; others will have anabolic steroid derivatives that while not pure anabolic steroids, hormones that create a similar effect. In the end you will need to research the products you want to buy, seek out information on the active ingredients and the company that makes it. By doing a little digging you will save yourself a lot of heartache and ensure you purchase only quality over the counter testosterone boosters.

Testosterone Boosters in Food:

Many people are completely unaware that many foods are in-fact testosterone boosters themselves. Further, some foods have been shown to reduce the hormone estrogen which can inhibit the production of testosterone. In short, when we eat foods that act as natural testosterone boosters and other foods that decrease the opposing hormone estrogen we will find our natural levels to remain closer to optimal levels. Foods such as red meat, eggs, nuts and olive oil have all been shown to greatly increase testosterone production in the body largely due to the cholesterol they carry; as we understand, steroids, which testosterone is, they are cholesterol based hormones. As these are foods that can increase testosterone the foods we will need to eat in order to reduce estrogen includes foods such as broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower.

It is important to note, that while a healthy diet comprised of such foods will aid in testosterone production it will in most cases not be enough to send your levels to a higher end far beyond its normal production. However, it will aid in keeping your testosterone production at a stable level and perhaps slightly higher. Those who live a healthy lifestyle will generally find issues of low testosterone to be of little concern for far longer than others.

The Ultimate Testosterone Boosters:

It shouldnt be hard to figure out but when it comes to increasing testosterone the true and 100% effective testosterone boosters will always be anabolic steroids; most notably, synthetic testosterone. Through the use of synthetic testosterone not only can we increase our testosterone levels be we can do so to whatever extent we desire. However, such use is prohibited in some countries unless there is a valid medical reason but a common valid medical reason exists and does so quite commonly. Those who suffer from low testosterone will find a prescription for this anabolic steroid very easy to receive, for the rest of us who wish to use the hormone it is a different story. If you live in a country where use isnt prohibited then use all you want but in countries such as the United States you will be holding this risk in your own hand if you choose to take part without a prescription.

While synthetic testosterone use is highly desirable based simply on its ability to dramatically and greatly increase testosterone in the body it is a process one should not take lightly if they so choose to use. The hormone testosterone when administered outside of natural production is generally well-tolerated by most individuals but there are possible negative side-effects to use and many of these side-effects can be dose dependent. Further, while these dose dependent side-effects exist, the dose in-which risk becomes greatest will vary from person to person. For this reason it is very important to educate yourself on the hormones ins and outs before you partake. By doing so you will not only understand the risk and means of prevention but the most optimal way to use the hormone while maximizing benefits of the most powerful testosterone boosters of all.

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