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Testosterone for Women

At first it may sound ridiculous but testosterone for women is actually a necessity; however, not to the degree it is for a man. Testosterone is a naturally produced hormone by both men and women, although in far greater amounts in men it is still essential for either sex. In a general sense when we speak of testosterone for women we are often talking about issues revolving around sex drive for when a woman’s libido suffers often it is indicated by a lacking in this androgens production. Even so, while sex drive is often a point of discussion testosterone for women has another important role and it is the same as with men. Testosterone greatly aids in muscle tissue production and regeneration, as well as helping to control metabolic rate; without adequate testosterone a woman may suffer in these areas but unlike men if they go beyond baseline they may suffer even greater; it is truly a fine line.

Why Testosterone for Women is Essential


While it may be a fine line indeed there is something we must recognize and it is in the same light as the male species. In the grand scheme of hormonal balance testosterone is what makes men, men but without testosterone women would not be women. When a female enters puberty she begins to produce far greater amounts of testosterone generally peaking at some point in her early 20’s. Why is this important? Testosterone is the precursor to estrogen, without testosterone there is no estrogen and without estrogen the female is not what she is supposed to be necessarily making testosterone for women an essential part of life.

Testosterone for Women on Birth Control


As the hormone testosterone is important for proper function and as many women often supplement with medications that halt hormonal production, most notably contraceptives, a great problem is induced. Such medications greatly reduce the flow of testosterone in the body by-which causes a severe lacking in libido or sexual desire; it’s somewhat ironic when you think about it being as if you’re using birth control you’re obviously desiring to be sexually active. For a woman who uses a hormonal decreasing birth control medication testosterone supplementation of some form may prove to be very beneficial.

Menopause &Testosterone for Women


When menopause occurs this may very well be the most important time hormonal therapy may be imperative to a woman’s health as it will decline by as much as 80% when this period is reached. It is quite common and has been for some time that women will supplement with estrogen and progesterone during this period but that is often not enough; the importance of testosterone for women is just that, very important. Many women who are in this stage of their life begin to not only notice a loss of sex drive but muscle tissue, increased frailty, a weakened immune system and a host of other unwelcomed affects.

The Bottom Line


For years the use of supplemental testosterone for women has almost been taboo; the hormone testosterone as an anabolic steroid carries so much negative light due to its label but when we understand the importance of the hormone that should begin to change; after all, should we really be afraid of what we were naturally intended to produce? Let’s be clear, very clear, too much testosterone for women can be quite damaging; as the dominate male hormone if a woman has too much testosterone she can and will more than likely begin to display strong male dominant traits. For this reason it is imperative you consult with your doctor before any possible needed therapy is undertaken.

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