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Testosterone in Males

Testosterone is an important hormone for all human beings; however, testosterone in males proves to be a greater necessity to a much higher degree compared to the female counterpart. While there are numerous reasons as to why testosterone in males needs to be so high, in the end they all largely come back to one single point; the hormone testosterone is in so many ways exactly what makes a man a man. Testosterone is not only paramount to male reproductive organs, it is equally important to the male physical makeup as well. There is a reason men are by-in-large bigger, stronger and faster than women and that reason is abundant levels of testosterone. When these levels become too low all of the factors associated with the hormones necessity inevitably suffer but when the levels are at an optimal range we thrive.

Low Testosterone in Males:

It is generally not a life threatening condition (with exception as we will see) but moderately low testosterone in males is no joking matter. Men who suffer from low levels are susceptible to many unwanted and uncomfortable symptoms and effects. A weaker physique, a physique with excess body-fat and difficulty in losing the fat, sexually related disorders, depression; these are just a few of the possible symptoms and if you can begin to understand the seriousness of these symptoms you can begin to understand how adequate levels of testosterone in males is so important. If you suffer from any of the symptoms commonly associated with low levels you are encouraged to seek out treatment. You will find treatment to be a simple process that will greatly improve your quality of life; to learn more about low testosterone and testosterone replacement therapy search out many of the quality articles here on

Excess Testosterone in Males:

While generally never occurring naturally, excess levels of testosterone in males is in most cases reserved for the performance enhancing world. As we understand, testosterone is responsible for many of our physical traits and you bet, as the levels go up so do the improvements. Increases in strength, increases in lean muscle mass, decreases in body-fat and improved athletic ability and function can all be achieved by increasing our testosterone levels. There are many ways we may increase these levels but the most effective method is and will always be through the use of anabolic steroids. However, in some counties such use is prohibited and if you desire to stay within the realm and safety of the law you will need to seek out alternatives. Conversely, if you live in a country where such legislation doesnt exist then you are free to enjoy the benefits. You should understand, the higher the levels of testosterone in males the higher the level of certain negative side-effects; even so, countless studies have shown that high levels of testosterone are by-in-large well tolerated by healthy adult males with little to no side-effects.


The advent of low testosterone in males in most cases while annoying at best as we discussed is not dangerous however, what it can lead to if it goes unchecked and especially if the levels are taken down to the extreme low end things begin to change. While there is no way to predict if your low levels will bring about this end, countless studies have shown low testosterone in males can aid in causing the following severe problems:

  • Heart Disease
  • Alzheimers
  • Prostate Cancer
  • Osteoporosis
  • Strokes

While low testosterone may not be the direct cause of these problems it can greatly increase the risk of each and every one.

The Bottom Line:

Adequate testosterone in males is of paramount importance; we not only need it for aesthetic and sexual purposes but it further aids in disease prevention when it is kept at an optimal range. Nevertheless, many men continually live in ignorant bliss and never give their testosterone levels a second thought and their own doctors are as much to blame. Most men understand a regular physical is an important aspect of maintaining proper health; however, most general physicians forgo any type of testosterone check. The next time you go to the doctor for a visit you are strongly encouraged to have your levels checked. If youre good to go then no harm no foul but if your levels are indeed low and you are made aware, you can take the necessary steps to increase them and in the long run enjoy a happier and more productive life.

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