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Testosterone in Men

In the human body testosterone is one of the most important hormones we naturally produce but for a man it is even more so than a woman, as testosterone is the primary male sex hormone. The total production of testosterone in men is nearly ten times the natural production of testosterone in women; in-fact, in many ways testosterone is what makes men just that, men. Testosterone plays a vital role in how we function on both a physical and mental level, effecting both our physique and sex life, as well as playing a role in our overall state of mind. It is for these reasons low testosterone in men can create massive problems but in the same light yet in the opposite direction high levels of testosterone in men can have most welcomed affect.

High Levels of Testosterone in Men


While there are many reasons to supplement with anabolic steroids one of the most common and primary goals is to increase the total amount of testosterone you have flowing through your body. Every man is limited to the amount of testosterone he can naturally produce and this total amount can vary greatly from man to man; in the U.S. total testosterone readings of 350ng/dL to 850ng/dL are all considered to be in the “normal” range; as you can see that is a massive difference. However, it is rare, very rare that a man will naturally produce an amount beyond this high number and it is when total testosterone far surpasses it that we really begin to see beneficial change. As by its nature testosterone is both highly anabolic and androgenic making it a perfect steroid for increasing lean mass, increasing strength, increasing total metabolic activity and simply providing a more pleasing as well as high performing physique; it is worth mentioning, testosterone is equal in both anabolic and androgenic power.

Are there risk involved in increasing total testosterone in men, absolutely; as with any exogenous hormone or medication there is always risks involved; however, as testosterone is not a foreign hormone to the body it is generally very well-tolerated by most who supplement with exogenous forms. Further, while it is generally well-tolerated side-effects may still occur but they are in most cases easily avoidable. Side-effects such as Gynecomastia, excess water retention, high blood pressure and cholesterol issues can all occur, as well as testicular atrophy but only atrophy is guaranteed. While testicular atrophy will occur it is only temporary; once exogenous testosterone makes itself present natural testosterone production comes to a halt but once exogenous use is discontinued natural production begins again and the testicles return to their normal size. As for the rest of the side-effects that may occur by increasing the levels of testosterone in men, with a proper diet rich in omega fatty acids and supplementation with an aromatase inhibitor they can in almost all cases be avoided. The primary side-effects that can occur through testosterone supplementation are brought on by the aromatase enzyme by way of a conversion into estrogen. By way of a quality aromatase inhibitor we block this conversion; what doesn’t convert cannot exist and what does not exist cannot lead to problems.

Low Levels of Testosterone in Men


Many men the world over suffer from low testosterone; in-fact, most men will suffer from it to one degree or another at some point in their life and in most all cases it is irreversible in a natural sense. The only way to combat and remedy low testosterone completely is through hormone replacement therapy and the only way this can be efficiently achieved is by increasing the levels of testosterone in men who suffer. The same testosterone hormone used by performance enhancers must necessarily be applied for this purpose; however when increasing testosterone in men for a therapeutic purposes doses will normally be far lower than in the case of performance enhancement.

When the testosterone in men falls below an optimal level several things may and will more than likely occur. Most men who suffer from low levels will notice several symptoms such as decreased sex drive, erectile dysfunction, a fatter, weaker and smaller physique, a loss of energy and mental focus and even a state of depression can occur just to name a few. More times than not most men simply attribute their condition to age, they assume it’s simply part of getting older but it doesn’t have to be this way. For a man who suffers from low levels he can see his life severely diminished and unless you’re 157 years old why would you allow something like that to occur? You’ve seen the commercials talking about low testosterone in men and increasingly many men are beginning to do something about it. If you suffer from any of the symptoms discussed you are highly advised to do the same; consult with your doctor and see your life dramatically improved, this is guaranteed.

The Bottom Line


When it comes to the levels of testosterone in men, be it for the purpose of performance enhancement or simply in the grand scheme of life there may truly be few things of greater importance as it pertains to our overall well-being. This really shouldn’t come as too big of a surprise, as we discussed it is the hormone that makes a man a man and without he is simply a walking meat suit and shadow of his former self.

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