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Testosterone Levels

While there are many hormones in the human body, for men testosterone is of the utmost importance; in many respects we can say it is largely what makes us men. While both men and women need testosterone females will need miniscule amounts compared to men, however, for both men and women when our testosterone levels rise or fall, in both cases effects, good and bad can be seen. However, in most cases when we speak of testosterone levels we are speaking of two specific instances, low testosterone caused by aging or increased testosterone levels brought on by exogenous use for performance enhancing purposes. While both scenarios can lead to problems, the latter is generally far more beneficial with the former often being a serious problem. Regardless of the situation, to understand it we must first understand testosterone itself in-turn leading to an understanding of how important adequate levels can be.

Testosterone What it is Where it Comes From:

A naturally occurring steroidal hormone produced by all living mammals, in the human male this androgen based hormone is produced in the testicles. While it is produced in the testicles the production of is largely controlled by the pituitary gland through the release of the luteinizing hormone (LH). When our testosterone levels become low the pituitary gland releases LH in-turn stimulating the testicles to produce more testosterone.

While derived from the testicles its functions are many, most notably in its metabolic responsibilities, strength and mass properties (both increasing and maintaining) as well as overall sexual function. When our testosterone levels become low we will see many of these basic aspect diminished; conversely, when our testosterone levels increase we will see these same aspects greatly improved. In most cases low testosterone will be brought on by age with some exceptions and high testosterone will be brought on by exogenous supplementation of the hormone; however, there are some individuals who have naturally high testosterone levels but they are extremely rare .

Low Testosterone Levels:

Low testosterone levels can be caused by several different factors; as mentioned the most common is simply age. However, there are men who suffer due to a weakened or improper functioning pituitary gland and inadequate release of the luteinizing hormone. As both of these factors can play a role perhaps the most damaging culprit of all is ones lifestyle. A lifestyle that is generally sedentary, of poor quality nutrition and just generally unhealthy can lead to very low testosterone levels; as can regular alcohol consumption. Regardless of the culprit low testosterone levels can cause many negative aspects to become part of your normal life; most commonly they include:

  • Decreased Libido/Sex Drive
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Decreased Energy Levels
  • Decreased Clarity of Thought
  • Depression
  • Decreased Strength
  • Decreased Muscle Tissue
  • Increased Levels of Body-Fat

If any of these sound familiar there is a very good chance you have a problem. However, we would be remised not to mention if many individuals simply took better care of themselves they would naturally improve their testosterone levels. Even so, for many this will not be enough and testosterone replacement therapy will be their only saving grace. If this is the case it is not something you should lose a minute of sleep over as therapy is very simple and very effective.

High Testosterone Levels:

While it can occur naturally it will be extremely rare and in most all cases high testosterone levels will be caused by exogenous testosterone use. We can normally define high levels as above and beyond what is normal or natural and this is generally reserved for the performance enhancing world. However, what is considered Normal is often highly debated as every individual naturally produces varying amounts; even so, true high testosterone levels can only be brought about with testosterone supplementation.

There is really no viable medical reason for increasing testosterone levels far beyond a normal range for a healthy adult and generally the sole purpose is simply to increase performance and has nothing to do with ensuring proper bodily function. By increased performance we can point to several different things; in many instances it is to increase ones athletic ability, improve athletic function in a given sport. In other cases it is simply to increase muscle mass and strength but no matter the case you can rest assured high levels of testosterone will in-fact produce the results you desire. If youre inexperienced with testosterone use simply go back and look at the effects of low testosterone; with high testosterone levels you can take the same list and reverse it in every way; if that doesnt get you excited nothing will.

Remedies and Solutions:

Regardless of the purpose, to bring low testosterone levels back to normal or to increase them above and beyond natural production the same solution will be applied; the anabolic steroid testosterone. For the individual who suffers from low testosterone you will have many options but for the performance enhancer looking to really push their levels upward there is really only one. For the performance enhancer, to greatly increase testosterone levels you will stick with injectable testosterone, as it is far more efficient and effective and other remedies cannot provide the boost you are looking for. For those suffering from low testosterone injectable therapy is also an option for you but there are gels and patches that are commonly used and simply applied directly to the skin and absorbed.

While the mode of application may vary and you can guarantee the doses will be nowhere near the same between the two groups of people, in the end all are doing the exact same thing; supplementing with synthetic testosterone. It should be noted, depending on where you live the legality of what you are doing may vary. Treating low testosterone levels is legal in most all countries if you have a prescription, however, using testosterone for performance enhancing purposes is illegal in some countries and you need to understand how these laws work and read if you are going to undertake this process to ensure absolute safety.

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