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Testosterone Injection

Of all the various anabolic steroid injections a testosterone injection is by far the most common. Generally speaking, the protocol you follow with any anabolic steroid injection a testosterone injection will follow the same protocol. When we discuss testosterone the only thing that will vary or change the manner in-which we perform a testosterone injection is the type of testosterone used; beyond this there is nothing we need to do differently than we would with any other injectable anabolic steroid.

Testosterone comes in many forms; in the end, regardless of the form all testosterone is generally the same, it is the mechanism of action in-terms of release that varies. In very simple terms we have a few options; long-estered/slow-acting testosterones, short-estered/fast-acting testosterones, testosterone mixtures and ester-free testosterones. We’ll go into detail explaining how you should perform or schedule your testosterone injection based on the form you use.

Testosterone Injection: Short-Estered/Fast-Acting Gear:

The most commonly used testosterone injection that falls in the short-estered category is that of testosterone-propionate or test-p as it’s commonly known. Test-p is a very fast acting testosterone with an active half-life of four days. If you are using test-p you will need to administer a testosterone injection approximately every other day or every three days; every other day being optimal.

Testosterone Injection: Longe-Estered/Slow-Acting Gear:

There are two very common forms of testosterone used that fall in the long-estered category; testosterone-enanthate and testosterone-cypionate; both commonly referred to as test-e or cyp as it pertains to the latter. A testosterone injection with either of these forms must be administered at a minimum of every ten days but for performance enhancing purposes once every seven days. However, most will find it far more beneficial in order to keep blood levels stable to administer a testosterone injection two times per week if they are using test-e or cyp.

Testosterone Injection: Mixtures:

Sustanon-250 and Omnadren-250 are the two premier testosterone mixtures, commonly referred to as sust or omna’s as it pertains to the latter. Both of these anabolic steroids are simply a mixture of four different testosterones each possessing a varying half-life from long-estered, to short-estered to esters that fall in the middle. In general, what can be said of one can be said of the other; the only difference between these two testosterone mixtures is one ester in the mixture; in the end they perform identically. Sust is generally more popular than omna’s due to its high availability but as with both, a testosterone injection of at least every three days is advised for performance enhancing purposes. Sust, the form manufactured for the purposes of hormone replacement therapy only needs to be injected every few weeks but to keep test levels stable, which is very important for the enhanced athlete, more frequent injections are required. A testosterone injection every other day is highly advised if you’re using sust or omna’s.

Testosterone Injection: No Ester:

As most forms of testosterone have an ester attached, testosterones of the suspension nature have no ester attached. The ester free testosterone makes the testosterone available to the body instantly but as you may have already guessed this means a testosterone injection must take place a minimum of every single day; many performance enhancing athletes will inject multiple times a day if suspension is the testosterone being used. Keep in mind, suspension can be very painful and is usually reserved for the most experienced of anabolic steroid users; even then, most anabolic steroid users will opt for another option and find very little use for suspension.

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