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Testosterone in Women

Testosterone is largely known as the dominant male hormone however, as the dominant female hormone estrogen is also found in males testosterone in women is also a reality. Both sexes need testosterone, both sexes naturally produce the hormone, however, the production of testosterone in women is to a far lesser degree than in men. The majority of women only produce approximately one tenth of the amount produced by men and for this reason a common myth and misunderstanding is that women do not need the hormone; nothing could be further from the truth. While it is true, its imperative nature is far from the degree it resides men but it still has an important role to play for both sexes and it is testosterone in women and its effects we want to discuss today.

Testosterone in Women Positive Effects:

While testosterone in women can share some of the same positive effects it provides in men the larger and more important ones revolving around the female sex do not revolve around muscle performance to the same degree due to increased levels leading to many problems (we will discuss as we go along.) One of the primary roles testosterone in women plays is however one of its primary roles it plays in men and it revolves around libido. Women with insufficient testosterone production will find their libidos greatly decreased and in many cases a desire for sexual activity an idea from the past. Women who suffer from decreased libido issues are highly advised to seek out testosterone replacement therapy options in order to improve this aspect of their lives.

As greatly an effect testosterone can have on sexual desire the role of testosterone in women has two important factors that must not be ignored. Women who suffer from low or inadequate levels open themselves up to osteoporosis and depression to a far greater degree than women who have adequate levels. Testosterone when produced in proper amounts will greatly strengthen a womans bone structure and as women are far more prone to osteoporosis than men this is an invaluable trait. As it is imperative to bone health it is equally imperative to mental health as well. Adequate levels of testosterone in women will largely be responsible for their general well-being in-terms of their overall state of mind; therefore, women who suffer from low levels will greatly see their quality of life improved once therapy is implemented.

Increased Testosterone in Women:

While this hormone is important, when testosterone in women reaches excess levels a host of problems can be found and if you are a women you will find the most prominent ones to be nothing short of horrible. Excess levels of testosterone in women can greatly cause a host of masculine effects and largely take away from femininity. For those who have high levels common effects may include:

  • Deepening of the Vocal Chords
  • Facial Hair Growth
  • Body Hair Growth
  • Hair Loss (Baldness)
  • Acne
  • Clitoral Enlargement

These possible effects brought on by increased levels of the hormone are effects most no woman would ever desire. While very few women will reach levels of a nature that can cause these symptoms naturally, the most common method is due to synthetic administration of testosterone (anabolic steroids.)

Granted, as these problems can be far from desirable, testosterone in women can be increased beyond normal levels in-order to provide a means to reach a certain end and done so effectively and safely. As testosterone will promote muscle growth and preservation of existing tissue in men it will do the same in women. The difference here is the possible negative effects of such amounts; men do not have to worry about feminine effects if they take too much of the hormone. However if a woman desires to dramatically increase muscle mass, if they use very low doses of the hormone for far shorter durations than men, many times they can avoid these side-effects; however, just as many times they cannot. It is truly a role of the dice and impossible to predict. Most women who are looking for a solid performance enhancing boost are advised to stick to other anabolic steroids other than testosterone; most women will find steroids such as Anavar to be far safer and very effective.

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